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The new month comes up with improved Steam usage statistics. The operating systems Linux and macOS, increased their ration this month.

According to Neowin Survey, Linux hopped 0.10% to 0.59% all over, whereas macOS jumped 0.21% to 2.87%. Windows 10 usage defeats all the operating systems and climbs above whooping 60% after it raised 6.22%. Its past peak was in July when it acquired just about 52%. Windows 7 took a major setback, declining 6.9% to 29.17%.

Most of the versions of Windows largely remain consistent. Out of all the Steam installs, Window now makes up to 96.44% stats, 0.33% less on the last month.

Ubuntu 18.04.1 Is the most famous Linux distribution, while the most far and wide macOS edition is 10.13.6 (64-bit).

The survey also informs us further about Windows users’ hardware such as the high on demand amount of RAM are

  • 56%- 8GB
  • 10%-12GB or more
  • 91%-4GB RAM

Since July, those with 12GB or more increased by 1.27%, whereas, the RAMs 8GB and 4GB decreased by 1.92% and 0.08% precisely.

For the number of processors, users who have 4 CPUs are 59.99%; it is up by 2.68%. 29.07% users have 2 CPUs it has come down to a huge 4.51% in the last month. Three, six and eight CPUs machines increased in the month of August.

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