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Online shopping is growing to the next level with thousands of online shopping sites, apps, brands, and categories. You can get almost anything on your doorsteps with a few clicks. When it comes to online shopping, you have to make online payments.

It can be through a debit card, credit card or some money transferring apps. However, prepaid cards are also becoming popular nowadays. Prepaid cards look and functions like credit cards, but there is a huge difference.

In this post, we’ll discuss ADP Aline prepaid card with its features and how to log into MyCard through ADP.

What is ADP Aline Card?

As discussed above ADP Aline prepaid card looks like a credit or debit card with same 16 digit card number, the name of the cardholder, expiry date, and a CVV number. These cards can work on the same swiping machines on which other cards can be swiped.

In a debit card, money is directly deducted from your bank account as to make an online payment. In credit card, you can use a certain amount of money even if you don’t have balance in your account.

Prepaid cards are entirely different, as you’ll have to transfer a specific amount of money to the prepaid card. The balance on your prepaid card will be the exact amount you’ve added to it. You can add money to this card through online banking, credit card or a debit card.

What are the Main Features of ADP Aline Card?

ADP card is a real-time service card which provides a safe and secure way to manage your money. Some of the main features of ADP card are:

  • You can use ADP cards at many stores and restaurants to pay bills, for online transaction and to make online purchases
  • If you have the ADP card in your hand, forget about the checks
  • It is given to the employers and employees and can be used as a great low-cost alternative to paychecks ‘
  • Most of the companies manage the entire payroll system through this prepaid card
  • Nowadays, employers are receiving this prepaid card instead of a paycheck

Now that we know the features, services, functionality and basic information about ADP card. Let’s get to the next step.

How to Login to ADP MyCard?

To log in to MyCard through ADP, merely go to their official website- 

You’ll see an ADP login page. Here you have to enter your User ID and Password and hit the Login button to open your MyCard account.

Well, if you don’t have your login details. Ask for your registration code from the HR team.

They’ll provide you the registration code through email, verbally or through a secure communication.  Follow the steps mentioned below to register to your MyCard account.

Steps to Register For Your Aline Account

The registration code provided to you is valid for 15 days only. Therefore, register your account immediately by following these steps-

Steps to Register For Your Aline Account

  • Enter the given registration code and tap on the Next icon

C:\Users\IPOAdmin\Desktop\2019-01-10 12_03_15-Self Service Registration.png

  • Click Yes to confirm the next prompt
  • An ‘Identity Yourself’ page appears. Here you have to enter your personal information
  • You’ll have to enter the ‘reCAPTCHA challenge’ by Google if you’ve entered the registration code from your organization
  • You’ll have to provide some additional information if you are registering with the Organization code for security reasons
  • You might need to select your email address and hit the SEND CODE button if you a unique email address by your employer. Enter this code immediately as it is only valid for 15 minutes
  • If you don’t have a unique email ID, you’ll have to enter certain identity questions with a time limit of 30 seconds for each question
  • Once it’s done, a new page opens up asking you to enter your contact information including email address and mobile number
  • Here you can see your User ID and create your ADP aline password
  • After that, select any three security questions and create answers for them and save it
  • Now, see if all the information you’ve entered is correct and hit the Register Now button
  • This process may take a while. As the registration process is complete, you get a message- “Congratulations! Your registration is complete!”

Well done! You have successfully registered to your ADP aline MyCard account. You can log in to your MyCard account by visiting- and enter your login credentials.

Note: If you’ve provided a personal email address during the registration process. Search for [email protected]’s email and click on the link to activate your Email Id.

Similarly, if you have entered your personal number, ADP will send you a text message. Follow the instructions to activate your mobile number.

Most of the businesses are encouraging prepaid cards and supporting services like MyCard.

That’s it. We hope this article helped you to successfully login to your ADP MyCard. Have any other queries related to ADP login? Feel free to drop down your doubts in the comments section below.

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