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Is twitter down? Or is it just you that are unable to open twitter on your mobile or PC? How to know if twitter is actually down? Relax, in this guide we’ll try to find the answers to these questions.

Twitter has been an all-time entertaining social networking site as you can use this platform to tweet your opinions or get the latest Hollywood gossip.

Lately, many users have reported that their Twitter is acting all weird and not working correctly. Users also managed to drop their complaints to down-detector regarding Twitter. Here’s what they said-

“Kindle application wasn’t working while trying to use Twitter.”

“Twitter had issues even after uninstalling and reinstalling it.” “

Some user posted “Twitter is not working hello?” It is a rare case that Twitter doesn’t work correctly or takes a hard time to load messages and tweets. It is also possible that the problem is in your device, connection or your browser.

How to Know If Twitter is down or Your Device is Acting Up?

You can try out the following steps and check if the problem is with Twitter or fault in your browser, internet connection or your personal Twitter account. Let’s get started-

1. Check the Twitter Status Page

If your Twitter doesn’t work correctly, you should first visit the Twitter’s status page. Check if there are any such errors like “service disruptions” in the Status page.If you see such error messages on the Twitter Status page, the problem is sure with the application.

Check the Twitter Status Page

However, if you can see “All System Operational” message, it means that Twitter hasn’t identified the issue yet.

2. Launch Twitter From a Different Platform

Most of the users usually access Twitter on its application or through a web browser. There is a possibility that the issue might be in any of these.

Here’s what you need to do-

Method #1: Launch Twitter from your web browser

If Twitter doesn’t work on the application, try to access Twitter from your web browser.

Just enter on your Windows or macOS devices; it’ll take you to the full Twitter website. You’ll get a full mobile version of Twitter on your iPad, Android or iPhone devices.

Method #2: Use the mobile version of Twitter

You can use Twitter’s mobile version if the full website isn’t working on your Windows or macOS device.

Mobile version requires fewer data and works well even if your internet connection is running slow. Enter the following link to access the mobile version of Twitter-

Method #3: Download and use the official Twitter app

If you cannot access Twitter through your web browser, install the official Twitter application for free and sign in to it.

You can open Twitter directly from the application which has some additional features. Twitter app is available for Windows 10, Android and Apple devices.

Try out these different ways to access Twitter and see which one works for you.

3. Check for your Internet Connections

It is evident that your Twitter won’t work if you’re not connected to a proper internet connection. You can check if your network connection isn’t working by opening your browser and visiting a site.

If you can’t see the website, the problem is with the internet connectivity.

Method #1: Check your Wi-Fi status

Most of the Wi-Fi devices have indicating lights and shows green lights if it’s working and connected correctly. If you see red lights on your router, the problem might be with your Wi-Fi.

Method #2: Reset your device

As you all know, sometimes a simple reset can fix significant issues. So, turn off your internet connection and wait for a while. Now, turn on your router and reconnect to Wi-Fi. Once it’s done, try to relaunch Twitter and see if it works.

Method #3: Try a different network

If Twitter still doesn’t work, we suggest you to try connecting to a different network. If you can now access Wi-Fi, the problem is with your internet connection.

4. Check for Filtering

There are hundreds of tools to block access to these social media apps. It can be one of the main reasons to create issues with Twitter. Here are some of the workarounds you can try-

Method #1: Try using another Social media site

if your internet is working correctly and not allowing you to visit Twitter, try using other social media sites like Facebook or Insta. If you can’t access these sites, then there is some blockage for accessing social media sites.

Method #2: Wi-Fi settings

Some of the network configurations may block access to social media sites. Go to your Wi-Fi’s access point and sign in and see the filtering settings. Check for filtering options or parental controls settings

Method #3: Allow Access to Twitter on Content Blockers

Content Blockers like AdBlock Plus, Ghostery can block the access to Twitter or any other social media. You’ll have to go to the settings and check the “Allow access to”

5. Change Your DNS Settings

Many users have reported that all the other websites are working other than Twitter. In this case, some inaccurate or blocked DNS settings might stop the access to a specific site. You’ll have to change your network connection’s DNS server settings. It is a rare case that DNS settings are incorrect as the service providers handle them.

6. Have Issue with Your Account?

At times, you can connect to Twitter, but you are unable to sign in. There might be some issues with your Twitter account due to security reasons. You can try out these methods to fix the problem-

Have Issue with Your Account?

Method #1: Reset Password

You can try to reset your password as it can direct you to your Twitter page. Head to the Twitter’s sign-in page on the mobile application and hit the Forgot password icon. You’ll be asked to open the password reset mail in your registered email id. You’ll have to fill some security questions and reset your password.

Method #2: Locked Account

Twitter locks your account for an hour if you or someone tries to enter the wrong password several times. You’ll have to wait for an hour to open your Twitter account.

Method #3: Suspended Account

Spam content, abusive tweets or inappropriate behavior can suspend your account. Twitter may consider giving you a chance to unsuspend your account by asking you to fulfill some formalities. If Twitter doesn’t allow you to unsuspend your account, you’ll have to file an official request.

Well done! Twitter is one of the most used social websites from celebrities to politicians are using this platform to update the latest information. You might not face many issues with Twitter as it is designed with all high-end features and tools. Have any other issues with Twitter? Drop down your questions in the comments section below.

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