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The digital media players have replaced the old cable connections that we used for streaming favorite music, shows, and videos. In the world of the Internet, streaming online entertainment media has become a popular thing. All you need is a smart TV and the device to stream the online content on your TV.

Roku box or Roku Streaming stick is one of these TV streaming devices. It has a broad range of entertainment with more than 4,000 free channels and no monthly subscription.

Now, many of us already know what is Roku, so I am not going into details here. And, although the primary process to set up Roku Box, Tv or Streaming stick is quite easy, some of you may find it tricky to set up these devices.

In this article, I will be explaining the necessary setup for setting up your Roku Box, Streaming stick or TV. Let’s start.

How to Setup Roku Box, TV or Streaming Stick

Different Roku devices have different features, but the setup process is the same. You plug these streaming devices into your TV and connect to your Wi-Fi to start streaming the online content. Here’s what you need to start with the setup process:

Step #1: Connecting Roku Device to your TV

  • Connect the Roku Box, Tv or Streaming Stick to your Tv with HDMI or switch on your Roku TV- Roku Streaming players works with any television with an HDMI connection. We suggest you use a high speed (HDMI) cable.
  • To enable 4K streaming devices such as Roku 4, Premiere, Ultra or Premiere+, ensure that you connect to an HDMI port that is HDCP 2.2 compatible which has a label on the input to be compatible with HDR-encoded content.
  • Also make sure to have a proper internet connection speed to support and access the 4K-enabled Roku stick, Box or Tv.
  • To use analog TV, you can connect the Roku box to your TV with Composite video and analog audio connections only if own an Express Plus or Roku 1.
  • Now, you can insert the batteries in your remote control and set your Roku Tv, Box or Stick into power with the cord or the power adapter. You can now see the Roku logo on your TV.

Note: We suggest you to avoid using the USB power option as the use of power adaptor is technically better.

Now, let’s finish the following initial setup steps:

  • Select Your Preferred Language and Country
  • Select your language for the onscreen menu system. To do so,
    • Turn on your Roku connected TV; you can see a Roku startup page with an animated Roku logo
    • The first screen prompts you to choose a language, select your preferred language and you may also be prompted to choose your country. It is to determine the available services and features in your country

Now, you may proceed further to connect Roku player to your TV.

Step #2: Connect your Roku Player to your Internet Connection

Connect your Roku Box, Tv or Streaming stick to your internet network by the following steps:

  • You can see a list of available networks, select your wireless network and enter your password and select Connect
  • Although Roku Box and TV is accessible with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, Roku Streaming Stick works on Wi-Fi only

Your Roku player connects to the internet.

Step #3: Download the Latest Roku Software (If Any)

As your Roku player connects to the internet connection, you might see a software/firmware update if available.

  • Let the Roku go through the update process to download the latest version

The process may take a while and reboot itself.

Step #4: Set the Display Resolution

Your Roku device automatically analyzes the best resolution capability and the aspect ratio of your Tv and sets the video output of your Roku device accordingly.

You can also manually set the settings later by going to Settings> Display type.

Note:  The display type is pre-established on Roku TVs.

 Step #5: Setup your Roku Remote

Although your Roku remote mostly works automatically, sometimes you might need to pair it manually. To do so:

  • Open your remote’s battery box and locate to the pairing button
  • Press the pairing button for three seconds

You have now set up your Roku remote successfully.

Step #6: Create Your Roku Account on Roku’s Signup Page

Go to the Roku’s signup page and follow the steps below:

  • Create a username and password
  • Provide your address information and payment method.

You are asked to enter your payment method only if you make additional purchases.

Your Roku account is now created. Follow the instructions on your TV screen which requires an Activation code. You may have to visit on your PC or smartphone to enter the code for activating your Roku player.

An activation message on your TV appears indicating your “Roku Device has been activated.”

Additional Steps for Roku TV Setup

Roku Tv requires some additional setup procedures to the above steps. Let us go through them below:

  • Choose The Home Use Menu– Select the set up for home use option if you are setting up Roku TV as a store display. It sets the default video settings suitably according to the store environments.
  • Connect Other Devices-This step enables you to connect your input devices like DVD player, VCR, Cable box or even a game console to your TV during the initial setup.
  • Turn on Your Connected Devices- You are prompted to turn on any detected devices by the Roku TV. Select the “Everything is Plugged In and Turned On” option when you are good to go.
  • Assign Your Input Device Names- You can assign a title to any devices connected to each input. To do so, select ‘Set Custom Name’ and choose an available icon.

The setup process of your Roku TV is successful. A welcome or demo video appears on the home screen. Press the Home icon to avoid the demo video and enjoy Your Roku player.

You have successfully set up your Roku Box, TV or Streaming Stick and the Roku Home Menu appears enabling you to operate the device and select your favorite apps and channels.

Roku Troubleshooting Guide

Following are some common issues that you may experience while setting up the Roku device:

1. The image doesn’t appear in HDR when watching 4K HDR content?

There are a couple of reasons why the image or video is not showing up in HDR when you’ve already set the quality to 4K.

Most of the times, you may notice that a 4k HDR movie or TV show on your Roku device doesn’t display in HDR. It might be due to outdated software on your HDR-capable TV.

You can simply fix this by updating the software by following the solution on the TV Manufacturer’s Website. Ensure that it is appropriately configured to enable HDR by default on which our Roku device is connected to.

2. There’s no sound when watching videos through Roku Player?

Some Roku users have reported this issues that the videos are not audible. It might be due to the wrong input of settings. You can fix this issue by going to the Settings> Audio and enable the suitable setting.

3. My Roku remote is not working

You might face some difficulties while connecting the Roku remote. It can be due to several reasons like dead batteries or default in the hardware. The most obvious solution is to ensure that the power batteries in the remote aren’t dead.

4. Red LED on some Roku devices

At times, you can see a red LED light up on your Roku device. It appears if your device is not receiving enough and suitable power. To fix this issue try to plug in your device directly to the wall socket. Also, you can power off the device and let it cool down, as sometimes the problem might occur due to the overheating of your device

So this was all about setting up the Roku devices. Let us know if this guide helped you or if you experienced any weird problem while setting up your Roku TV or Box or Streaming Stick.

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