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If you’re a PC gamer, chances are that you might already know what is Steam. Steam store is a beloved treasury of updated games where you can buy the latest games for free and some for paid too.

You can also share your gameplay, make connections and access the game content on the Steam platform.

Some of you might want to share or save your Steam gameplay screen and finding it difficult to access the Steam screenshot folder. But, before searching for the Steam screenshot folder, let’s see how to take a screenshot on your Steam.

Steam allows the users to take a screenshot by using the F12 key. But, most of the users don’t know exactly where these screenshots are stored on their computer.

Here’s a tip – the steam screenshot folder exists only after you take the first screenshot. You won’t be able to find this folder on your computer if you haven’t taken any screenshot in the Steam.

Note: If you’re using Steam on your laptop, make sure you press the Fn (Function) + F12 keys to take the screenshot, as pressing only the F12 key will turn your laptop into the airplane mode.

So you know how to take the screenshots in Steam, now it’s time to know how to access these screenshots.

Where to Find Steam Screenshot Folder?

There are two methods to Find Steam Screenshot Folder:

1. Use the Feature ‘Screenshot Manager’

Screenshot Manager feature comes with Steam which makes it easy for you to fetch the folder where you have all the screenshots. To open “Screenshot Manager “:

  • Click on the view icon in steam. Go to screenshots

Use the Feature ‘Screenshot Manager’

Now, you can find all the screenshots. You can manage them and also save them to your system.

2. Access the Screenshot Folder Manually

Screenshot manager is the best way to find screenshots. But, to access the Screenshot Manager process you need to open the Steam App every time if you don’t want to do so, you can visit the address manually.

Where to Find Steam Screenshot Folder?

Most commonly it Is in the “C’’ drive so:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<yourSteamID>\760\remote\<app -ID>\screenshots

This will take you to your Steam screenshot folder.

Where to Find Steam Screenshot Folder in Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user, then there is an alternative method to capture the screenshots. Just hit Windows+ Print Screen key.

You can find all your screenshots into pictures\Screenshots.F

Hope the above methods help you to find the Steam Screenshot Folder and make your gaming experience more thrilling!

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