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If you’re wondering why headphones are not working on your Windows 10 computer, you’re not alone. Headphones not working or audio issues are quite common in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is known to be one of the most stable and reliable versions of Windows 10. It has some excellent inbuilt features and services which has added oomph to its operating system.

However, there is a downside to everything and so is with the Windows 10 update. Many users have encountered serious issues like headphones stopped working after updating to the latest Windows 1o version.

Well, it’s not always the updates, sometimes corrupted or outdated drivers can also cause your headphones to stop working. In this guide, we’ll be exploring some easy solutions to try when headphones stop working on your Windows 10 machine.

Quick Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Headphones not Working Issue

As discussed above, this is not a rare issue and can be caused due to many possible reasons. We have listed a few different fixes to solve the issue.

Apart from that, you can try out some general fixes like plugging your headphones in a different PC and check if it works.

Now let’s get to fix the issue using these methods below.

1. Set Headphones as the Default Device

At times, your computer doesn’t set your headphones as the default device automatically as you plug the headphones in your computer. It is one of the most common reasons why your headphones don’t work.

You can manually set your headphones as the default device by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Press and hold Windows + X keys and select ControlPanel from the pop-up menu

Set Headphones as the Default Device

  • Select your view in Category format and tap on Hardware and Sound
  • Click on Sound

C:\Users\IPOAdmin\Desktop\2019-02-01 18_18_31-All Control Panel Items.png

  • Choose Headphones and hit the Set default button

C:\Users\IPOAdmin\Desktop\2019-02-01 18_20_04-Sound.png

In some cases, you might see the Speakers/headphones icon instead of Headphones. In that case, click on Speakers/Headphones and click on Set Default button.

You can now check if your headphones are now working correctly. Look at the next solution if you still facing issues with your headphones.

2. Update your Audio Drivers

Are you still wondering why your headsets are not working even after setting them as the default device? Well, outdated audio drivers can be one of the main reasons causing no sound on headphones. Let’s update these audio drivers.

  • Hit the Windows button and type device manager in the search bar

Update your Audio Drivers

  • Open Device Manager from the list of results
  • Now in the Device Manager window, expand the audio category and find the name of your audio device
  • Right-click on your audio device and select Update driver option from the drop-down menu

Update your Audio Drivers

  • Choose the Search automatically for updated driver software

Update your Audio Drivers

Your Windows will now search for updated driver software automatically. Once your audio driver is updated, plug your headphones in the PC and check if they work.

You can even use a third-party tool to avoid these elongated steps and directly update your audio drivers.

3. Configure the Realtek HD Audio Manager Settings

You’ll have to disable the headphone’s jack detection and to play sound through your headphones. Make a few changes in the Realtek HD Audio Manager only if you have one and see if it resolves the issue.

  • Launch RealtekHD Audio Manager
  • Tap on the small folder icon (to the upper-right corner)

Configure the Realtek HD Audio Manager Settings

  • Now, check the “Disable front panel jack detection box.”

Configure the Realtek HD Audio Manager Settings

  • After that, hit the OK button

Once you’ve disabled the front panel jack, reboot your PC and check if your headphones are working.

4. Uninstall the IDT audio device

If you have installed IDT in your Windows Pc, you’ll have to uninstall it to fix the issue. Here’s how-

  • Press and hold Windows + X keys
  • Select Control Panel from the menu

Set Headphones as the Default Device

  • Switch the View to Large icons and select Programs and Features

Uninstall the IDT audio device

  • In the Programs and Features page, select IDT Audio Driver and right-click on it
  • Hit the Uninstall icon

Once it’s uninstalled, reboot your PC, and your headphones shall work now.

If none of these work, make sure that you’ve inserted your headphones properly in the correct port. Also, your headphone or the audio port might have been damaged, and you’ll surely need to buy a new one.

You’ll also have to look out for the soundcard and if it is a problem, replace it immediately.

We hope that the above solutions help you to fix your headphone issues. Have any other issues with your headphones? Drop down your queries in the comments section below.

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