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The search engine’s new landing page for Android is here. The Google Discover is currently released the US, and will follow a worldwide launch.

With the launch of Discover, Google has rebranded the Google Feed on its Android app. It will replace the standard webpage on iOS as well as Android devices. So, what’s in store for smartphone users with the new Google Discover?

All that’s New with Google Discover

The Discover interface is bound to be more intuitive. Users can simply swipe right from their home screen to open Google Discover. Here, the search engine aims to improve its filtering attempts and bring forth authentic and quality results.

With the Google Discover, users will have no struggle filtering out disinformation from their searches. Google Discover shall hash out results based on user interests and past searches. Your preferences and online activities linked with Google shall play a role in helping Discover bring you the crème of the crop.

Cool Features of Google Discover

To start off, releasing the Discover feed is a well-timed move by Google. The search engine is being overloaded with disinformation, diverting people from its use. To stop this, Google’s Discover feature will make the search feed more relatable.

The most striking feature of Google Discover is nullifying the need for a query. That’s right; you won’t need to use a term or a query to begin searching on Google. You can simply use the Discover feed and it’ll show you some top search terms that could be on your mind.

That’s all based on how often you use Google on your PCs and Android/iOS devices. The Google Discover will surface content relevant to you, even if you’re not looking for it.

So, whenever you do search for something, it’s already up there on the Discover page.

Discover – Uncovering Google’s New Face

Developers at the tech giant aim at rebranding Google with Discover. The brand name ‘discover’ is quite reflective of their mission – easily exploring user interests.

Unlike conventional Google web pages, Discover shall have new top headers. These headers easily explain your need to browse further. Discover also moderates your searched content to help you move on to the next query.

You can catch deep-dived content with Discover and skip all the intermediate blocks. You can use the ‘Follow’ the icon next to a topic and tap it. Discover will further improve your experience with an ever-growing range of relevant topics.

Only Fresh Results, No Last Season

Discover shall offer only evergreen content. Dated content that failed to garner high views gets filtered out on Discover. The best part of this feature is – you won’t be bored with a search engine like Google.

Most often, users complain that they keep getting same results over a search query on Google (unless they tweak the search parameters). So, with Discover, there won’t be any last season information bugging you.

The best way to experience this is travelling with your Android device. When you enter a city, Discover throws up all cool things you can do near your current location. It will show you lesser-known facts about the city. You can learn more about its neighborhood and the buildings you’ll be visiting.

Google Discover – What’s More?

After its release, we’ll get to learn more on how Google Discover can be put to use. For now, some more features that Discover will offer include –

  • Better control over the context of your topics
  • Customizing your interests
  • Using regional preferences over global concerns
  • Won’t resize results with more or less content
  • Wide-ranging sources
  • Access to authentic news (no yellow journalism)
  • Multiple languages

Packed with such features, Google Discover is now available on Android smartphones across the US. You can also update your Google Chrome or Safari (iOS web browser) to get Discover.

Stay tuned for more developments on Google Discover.


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