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So you’ve forgotten your Windows password and now you’re unable to log in? Well, forgetting the Windows password is a very common scenario. We all have gone through this where we keep guessing and trying out different keywords or numbers and come to this conclusion that we have forgotten our password.

This might seem like an end of the world to you as Windows log-in password is the most essential password to memorize. For those who don’t know, Microsoft won’t help you with your lost password concerning their security policy.

Windows always warn you to set a hint for your password recovery or suggests you make a password reset disc if you have a habit like mine to forget passwords easily.

Don’t panic! In this post, we have mentioned a few fixes for you to retrieve your lost password and access your computer.

How to Find Lost Password in Windows?

These generic methods we have listed below apply to Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Recover Password in Windows 10 and Windows 8

Fortunately, password recovery in Windows 10 and Windows 8 is similar and comfortable. As all you have to do is reset it online if you use Microsoft account to log in.

Microsoft controls your Windows 10/8 Microsoft account credentials. It easily enables you to reset your Windows 10 or 8 passwords from any browser even on your smartphone.

This feature is available only for only those who log in with an email address. This method will not work if you log on with your name or some other keyword which is a local account.

Use the Microsoft Password Reset Website

Microsoft Live account offers you to use the benefit of password reset function which is available on the official Microsoft’s password reset website.

Here you get three options related to the password recovery term. Choose the “I Forgot My Password” option to recover any accounts connected to your online identity.

Once you have completed reset password process, they’ll ensure your identity through some steps and send a code to your registered external email or cell phone number with your account.

This code automatically opens your account without any further issues.  You have now reset your password and don’t forget to note it down somewhere it can be safe.

Use a Password Recovery Tool

Password recovery tool is a third-party cracking tool which is often considered illegal. But it is an entirely safe and secure to use tool which you can download from a website. It helps you to find the lost windows password or reset or delete it. This tool requires some step by step programs to access your Windows system.

You can find these password recovery tools and use it for Windows 7, 8 and unsupported XP and Vista too. Some of the best password recovery tools include Rainbowcrack L0phtCrack, Brutus, etc.

Use the Password Reset Disk

This method is only for the users who have password reset disk which comes in the form of a floppy disk or a flash. If you have a password reset disk, you surely know that you have created this before losing the password and access to your Windows system.

Well! This is the best workaround to fix the “lost Windows password” issue. It is applicable only if use Windows 10 or 8 with a local account. The best feature about Password reset disk is that you just have to create it once and it’ll work to reset your password, no matter how many times you change your password.

However, this method isn’t any good for you if you haven’t created a password reset disk. But we do suggest you create one after you find your Windows password quickly.

Contact Microsoft Helpline

When none of the above methods seems to work for you, and the reset process doesn’t lead you anywhere, it is now time to take help from the company itself.

Just call the TechNet Help Center, here you are asked to answer some security questions which you have filled while creating your Windows account. Don’t remember these answers too?

If you can’t answer these security questions too, you’ll be redirected to another team. Now, they’ll verify some of your detailed information it includes asking a list of any specific names stored in your Windows systems.

The representative will send you a temporary code to unlock your Windows Live account, only if you have answered the verification question correctly.

 Perform a Clean Install

We really don’t suggest you use this method but is the only solution if your Windows system has gone in the worst condition. A clean install performs a reinstallation of your Windows system by completely erasing all your Hard drive components. It is, of course, an inefficient fix for Windows lost password issue.  A clean install is a time-consuming process where you erase everything from your system.

Good Job! Now you know what to do if you forget your password. But we strongly recommend you to avoid this issue by creating a password reset disk or noting down your password somewhere. Do let us know if you have any other efficient workaround in the comments section below.

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