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Is your favorite role-playing video game crashing on startup? Fallout 4 is the fifth major installment in the Fallout series launched in November 2015 available for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

It has released some of the most successful games and hence became one of the most popular series from Fallout by far.

Users were enjoying the gaming experience until they faced issues while launching the game. Especially on their PC’s and when it comes to PC, Windows 10 users reported some severe issues with Fallout 4.

Common Issues with Fallout 4

Here are some of the common issues users are facing with Fallout 4 on their devices –

  • Fallout 4 has stopped working
  • Fallout 4 not launching
  • Fallout 4 keeps crashing
  • Fallout 4 won’t launch
  • Fallout 4 crashes on startup
  • Fallout 4 crashing on loading

These common issues can be caused due to many reasons including video resolution, hardware issues, outdated graphics driver or an antivirus program.

We have listed some troubleshoot methods to fix your Fallout 4 crashing issues.

How to Fix ‘Crashing of Fallout 4 on Startup’ Error?

Before we get to the elaborated solutions, make sure you try out some general fixes like restarting your PC or using minimum requirements to play Fallout 4 on your computer. If the problem persists, let’s try out the following solutions-

1. Update to the Latest patch of Fallout 4

Fallout 4 provides regular updates to keep the software bug-free and improve the performance, stability and security performance on your PC. We suggest you install the latest Fallout 4 patch to ensure that your favorite game is running safely.

Keep your game updated by downloading and installing the latest Fallout 4 version from your PC. Once you’ve installed the latest patch, reboot your PC and see if your Fallout 4 crashing issue is fixed.

2. Disable the Antivirus Program

In most cases, Antivirus programs are incompatible with your Steam games which include Fallout 4. Antivirus software won’t recognize specific programming codes of Fallout 4, and hence, it crashes.

  • You’ll have to disable your Antivirus software
  • Once you’ve done that, right-click on Steam and run as Administrator
  • Open Fallout and check if it works correctly. If Fallout works correctly, the problem is with the Antivirus software. In this case, put Fallout 4 in the exception list of your antivirus program

However, if the problem still occurs, check out the following methods.

3. Update the Graphics Card Driver

Graphics card driver controls your PC’s video adapter. Outdated or missing graphics driver can cause Fallout 4 crashing issue. You’ll have to ensure that your video card and driver works well.

To keep your Graphics card drivers updated, visit the official manufacturer’s website and install the latest, correct and compatible drivers to your PC. The process might take some time but is mot-likely to fix your Fallout 4 crashing issue.

4. Make a Few Changes in the fallout 4 Settings

Some incorrect settings in your PC might interfere with your game application. Configure these settings and save them to run Fallout 4 correctly. Let’s go-

  • Make sure that the desktop resolution and Fallout 4 resolution is set as the same size
  • In the Fallout 4 settings, head to the Graphics AdapterandResolution and run in Windowed Mode and Borderless menu

Note: Ensure that you’re running the game in high-performance battery mode. If you are running on power saving mode, go to the battery/ power settings and switch to high-performance.

  • Disable Intro video by unchecking its box
  • Now, uncheck the Enable God Rays box in the Fallout 4 settings

Once you’ve changed and saved these settings, reboot your PC and check if your Fallout 4 works.

5. Fix the Mouse Acceleration Issue

Mouse Acceleration is a prevalent issue that is causing problems to the users mostly while playing games. Here’s an easy way to fix it-

1)    Go to C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Fallout4

Fix the Mouse Acceleration Issue

2)    Select the file named Fallout4Prefs.ini and tap on it

3)    Change and set the iPresentinterval =1 to iPresentinterval=0

C:\Users\IPOAdmin\Desktop\2019-01-08 16_24_31-{Solved} 9 Ways to Fix Fallout 4 Crash on Startup - ValidEdge.png

4)    Save the changes and close the window

5)    Once it is done, verify the integrity of the game files. To do so-

  • Reboot your PC and relaunch Steam
  • In Steam window, go to the Librarytab and search for Fallout 4 and right-click on it
  • Tap on the Properties option from the drop-down list and choose the Local files tab

Fix the Mouse Acceleration Issue

Steam verifies the game in a couple of minutes. Now, launch Fallout 4 and see if the crash on startup error still occurs.

6. Check and Repair Corrupt System Files in Your PC

  • Specific missing or corrupt files in your system can cause the Fallout 4 crashing issue. To fix this problem-
  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard. Type cmd in the text box
  • Click on Command Prompt (Admin) from the result list and hit the Yes button to confirm
  • In the Command Prompt’s text box, enter sfc/scannow and hit the Enter button

Check and Repair Corrupt System Files in Your PC

This command scans and repairs any missing or corrupt files in your system. The process may take a while. Do not close the Command Prompt window.

7. Use a 64-bit Computer System

Please note that Fallout 4 is not compatible with a 32-bit computer system and won’t run at all or crash immediately.

You’ll have to use a 64-bit computer system to play Fallout 4. Also, note that you can’t convert 32-bit to a 64-bit computer system.

You’ll have to uninstall the 32-bit system and then do a clean install of the 64-bit system. Once it’s done, check whether Fallout 4 works on your new 64-bit computer system.

8. Uninstall and Reinstall the Game from Steam

If none of the above solutions work well to fix your Fallout crashing issue, try to delete and re-download some files from Steam. Let’s do it-

1)    Launch your Steamclient and head to the Library section

2)    Search for Fallout 4 from the list and right-click on it

3)    Hit the Uninstall button

4)    You’ll see a Deletelocalcontent option. Hit the Yes button to Uninstall Fallout 4

Uninstall and Reinstall the Game from Steam

5)    Close the Steam client window and delete any remaining Fallout 4 files or mods from your system

6)    Now, reboot your PC and re-install the game through Steam client

Once Fallout 4 is re-installed, Fallout 4 crash on startup error is mostly fixed.

Well Done! You can now enjoy playing the ultimate Fallout 4 game without any crashing issues by trying out the above methods.

Have any other issues regarding your Steam games? Drop down a comment below.

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