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Turning off your laptop or desktop has always been easy. Shutting down your PC has never been a complicated or difficult ordeal. However, you may have recently encountered that your computer won’t shut down.

Are you wondering if you should you force an instant shut down?

An abrupt shutdown, would it not affect the data? We understand your concerns on Windows 10 not shutting down. And, here are some effective solutions to when your PC won’t shut down.

How the ‘Shut Down’ Problem Can Look Like?

We’ve rounded up a glimpse of the shutdown problem that users have faced. Let’s have a quick look:

  • PC keeps restarting and won’t shut down. Or PC appears to have shut down, but restarts
  • PC can’t either shut down or restart, hibernate, or lock
  • Laptop won’t get into sleep mode, or turn off
  • PC won’t shut down with the power button. Or, hitting the shut down button there is no reaction
  • Windows 10 PC doesn’t shut down

All of the above can be fixed with the step-by-step solutions discussed.

Causes for Windows 10 Not Shutting Down

Before we look at the solutions, let’s talk about the probable causes.

  • Windows update.
  • Windows system files.
  • Wrong or corrupted device drivers.
  • HDD not in the first boot order.
  • Fast startup.
  • Issues that need recovery.
  • Unwanted running applications since startup.

Quick Tip: When you find that your computer won’t turn off, remember to wait for at least three hours before you panic, get frustrated, or try the solutions. Some of the system processes may be working to install updates before the shutting down process, and it would probably be worth the wait to check up if your PC shuts down normally.

1: Force Shut Down

To start with, you may try to force your PC to shut down.

  • Press and hold your PC’s power button until it shuts down.
  • Next, disconnect from any source of power for 5-10 minutes including battery, unplugging the power cords, or power cable.
  • Now, start your PC and try to shut it down as you would normally do.

2: Consider Disabling Fast Startup (Hybrid Shutdown)

A hybrid state, the fast startup feature is usually enabled by default in your Windows 10 PC. So, when shutting down your PC, due to this feature your PC could be entering into a blend of shutdown and hibernation mode.

And, you may consider disabling this feature to avoid the shutdown glitch, here is how you can do it:

  • Go to the Control Panel and search for ‘Power options’

Consider Disabling Fast Startup (Hybrid Shutdown)

  • Select Power options and consider choosing ‘Choose what the power button does

Consider Disabling Fast Startup (Hybrid Shutdown)

  • Choose ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable

Consider Disabling Fast Startup (Hybrid Shutdown)

  • Look out for ‘Turn on fast startup (recommended)’ and uncheck the option

Consider Disabling Fast Startup (Hybrid Shutdown)

  • Next, click on Save changes

3: Change the Boot Order in BIOS

The component that should start first on your computer is controlled by the boot order in BIOS. So, in the case your HDD is not in the first order, you may face issues whilst staring or shutting down your computer. Try the following steps to fix the issue:

  • Try a force shut down of your PC if your PC is still not turning off. Else, just turn off your PC in the case you wish to change the order and you are still not facing the shutdown glitch.
  • Next, turn on your computer and press Del. (Or, alternatively the button to enter into BIOS on your computer.)
  • Now, look for an option in BIOS that sets your BIOS values to default
  • Save changes and exit BIOS

You may wish to turn on your computer and try shutting it down again and check for any changes.

4: Check for the latest Windows 10 version

You may consider and check if you have the latest Windows 10 version. As you check for updates, try the following steps:

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and go to Settings
  • Next, in the Setting window that appears go to Update & Security

Check for the latest Windows 10 version

  • And, click on the Check for updates button, and download and install the updates found

Now, check if your PC is shutting down. If you still find that Windows 10 won’t shut down, then you may consider the next solution.

5: Try using the Windows Troubleshooter

  • Key in Troubleshoot in the start menu and select the Troubleshoot
  • In the Settings window that appears, look for Windows Update and click on Run the troubleshooter

Note: You may also select Try troubleshooting as an administrator

  • Select Apply this fix
  • Now, choose to Close the troubleshooter

6: Update Your Drivers

You may consider updating device drivers either manually, using Windows Update, or automatically using a trusted third-party application like Driver Easy.

The application will scan your PC and list the drivers that you would need to update. Downloading and installing the correct drivers, may not only resolve the issue, but you will find that it is also good for the health of your PC.

7: Disable or Uninstall Program(s) or Process(es)

At times, you would be prompted that a certain third-party program is preventing your PC from shutting down. It would be prudent to disable or install the specific program. The same would apply to a system process which is preventing a normal shutdown.

8: Run the SFC scan

Next, you may try to run the SFC scan, to resolve any system issues (and PC won’t shut down is one of them). Try the following steps:

  • Go to Search, and key in cmd
  • Now, right-click the Command Prompt option, and choose Run as Administrator
  • Key in the following command and hit Enter

sfc /scannow

Run the SFC scan

Note: Place a space between sfc and /scannow

  • Wait for the process to finish before restarting your PC.

9: Close the system using Command Prompt (CMD)

You may consider directly shutting down your system via the command prompt. Try the following steps:

  • Go to Search, and key in cmd
  • Now, right-click the Command Prompt option, and choose Run as Administrator
  • Key-in “shutdown -s-f

Close the system using Command Prompt (CMD)

  • You would be prompted with a message stating that your computer would be shut down in a minute

10: Try a System Restore

You may consider getting back your computer to a previous state, which would skirt the error that may have occurred during the shutting down. Try the follows steps:

  • Go to Search, and key in Control Panel
  • Click on the Control Panel, and in the All Control Panels Items window search for Recovery

Try a System Restore

  • Click the Recovery option and choose the Open System Restore

Try a System Restore

  • Click Next. And, chose a previous restore point
  • Now, click Next. And, click Finish

You may wait for the system restore process to complete and try shutting down the computer.

Try the step-by-step solutions to resolve the computer not shutting down the issue.

We look forward to hearing from you about the solution(s) that has worked best for you. Do drop in your suggestions, comments, and alternative solutions in the comments box below.

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