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Are you a passionate gaming enthusiast? So, imagine having an old-kind-of laptop, or a PC with weak graphics, or not enough of hard disk space. Some of these scenarios can act as hiccups to enjoying your favorite games.

PC games can be quite expensive, and naturally, you would wish to avoid any upgrade glitches, which could stop you from playing your newly acquired games.

So, if you are wondering, “Can I run it?” And, you wish to find out, “Can my computer run it?” Then, keep reading as we have some effective solutions on how you can find out whether your computer hardware has the capacity to run a particular game.

And, you will also be able to find out which games can play on your current PC and which won’t run.

PC Gamers’ queries or concerns for PC games:

At the outset, let’s have a quick preview of what concerns or queries PC gamers or users usually have:

  • Can my PC run it?
  • Will it run?
  • Will my PC run it?
  • Can I play this <game name> on my computer?
  • How to test my PC for games?
  • What games can my PC run?

So, the next time you are wondering, “Can you run it?” you will enjoy the quick solutions rounded-up here.

How to find out if your computer can run this game?

#1: Challenges with Intel Graphics

One of the most significant hardware components for PC gaming is the graphics card. And, as a firm enthusiast, you may wish for a powerful graphics card, which would not compromise gaming.

Many users opt for the Nvidia or the AMD graphics card, inclusive of the RTX 20-series, AMD RX Vega/500 series, or the GTX 10-series. And, if you currently have an integrated Intel graphics card instead, you may face issues while running 4K games or the newer PC games that are graphically more intense.

Laptops or desktop PCs that use Intel integrated graphics, are usually not designed for gaming, but are cheaper and also consume less power.

And, in the case you wish to augment the gaming experience, you may buy and install a dedicated graphics card. Only having Intel graphics, you may face challenges while playing the newer games with the lowest graphics settings.

#2: Consider checking your PC’s specifications manually

As you are wondering, “Can my computer run this game?” One of the next things to do is to check your PC hardware specifications manually.

The checking should include the amount of RAM, the CPU speed, and your graphics card details. You may easily find the details if you look-up for your PC’s specifications online.

Alternately, you can use another system information utility like Piriform’s Speccy, which is a freeware that can run under Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista and XP operating systems (including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions) and shows the detailed information on the hardware in your computer system.

So, you may consider downloading and installing the freeware. The information displayed after executing the tool includes:

  1. The amount of RAM (in GB).
  2. The CPU type and speed (in GHz).
  3. The processor brand and model.
  4. The graphics card and operating system information.
  5. The processor brand, hard drive size and speed, information about the graphics card, and more.

The logical next step is to check the system requirements for the game. You can check up the information by visiting the official website of the game in question.

For example, you will get the specifications of each game at the bottom of the page on the Steam store. Now, the information gathered through the utility Speccy can be compared with the details listed for the game.

The comparison is quite a cake-walk once you have gathered the information.

Also, note that though you may be able to run the game on minimum requirements, you may enjoy the entire experience more by keeping the recommended requirements as a benchmark.

Quick Tip: To check out your PC specifications, you may also use System Information tools like ASTRA32 or HWiNFO, which would give you a complete overview and a comprehensive hardware analysis of your PC.

#3: Automatically Compare Using Can You Run It (CYRI) Tool from Systems Requirements Lab

If you consider automatically checking the system requirements with a specific game, you can use the Can You Run It (CYRI) website. Here’s what you will need to do:

  1. Visit the website (
  2. You will need to enter the PC game name in the “Search for a game” text area available.

Example: Grand Theft Auto V

Note: The field also auto-suggests titles, which makes it easy to pick the game that you are looking for.

  1. Next, click on the Can You Run It
  2. You would be prompted to run the Systems Requirements Lab Detection desktop app (Detection.exe) for the first time you search for a game. Run the exe.
  3. Next, when the Detection App completes the hardware scan, you will be prompted with a page displaying the results showing if your computer meets the minimum specifications that are required to run the product. Apart from which, you will also find two tabs, the minimum, and the recommended tabs, which would show details including:
    1. Video card.
    2. CPU speed.
    3. Ram
    4. Os
    5. Free disk space.
    6. Sound card and more. (necessary upgrades are also suggested)

Note: Once the detection tool is installed, you would be able to check as many games that you choose to. The tool operates by storing a cookie such that your browser can pull the hardware information. And, if you choose to clear the cookies, you would have to run the detection tool again.

#4: Automatically Compare Using Can I Run It from Game Debate

Alternatively, you can try using the tool from Game Debate to check if your PC would support running of the PC game successfully. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Visit the Game Debate website (
  2. You can choose from either manual or automatic rig selectors for selecting your computer hardware specifications.
  3. Next, it would prompt you the results page, and display the games that can be run on your PC with your current hardware specifications.

Finally, get ready to check your PC and with confidence buy the games of your choice. Also, after fixing the necessary upgrades (in case it is necessary), you can get back to enjoying the adrenaline-pumping gaming experience.

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