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So you want to burn a disk but not sure how to do it as you’re new to Windows 10?

If you’ve already started searching tools for burning CD or DVD on Windows 10, then wait! You don’t need any third-party software as Windows 10 has an inbuilt tool to burn content to a CD/DVD.

The inbuilt tool is easy to use and you can easily burn audio or video to a CD/DVD on Windows 10. You can even burn WMA, WAV or MP3 files with the Windows Media Player to an Audio CD. However, if you want to create a CD/DVD on a professional level, we suggest you use the advanced premium software.

In this post, we’ll guide you on how to burn a DVD on Windows 10.

How to Burn DVD in Windows 10?

As discussed above, we have listed two great methods that you can apply to copy or burn your favorite content on your Windows 10 PC to a CD or DVD. Let’s get started.

1. Use the Windows 10 Built-in Feature

The ancient and popular built-in disc burning feature is the best way to burn any files or folder. You can burn files including audio, video, photos or even any kind of documents to a CD or DVD.

Although this feature only allows the burned DVD to play on computers and DVD players which supports the video formats. In that case, you can play the CD player on any player only if you use the Windows Media Player to burn your MP3 files.

Let’s go through the following steps to use the inbuilt burning tool.

  • Insert a blank CD/DVD into your optical drive of your PC
  • Now, open the File Explorer
  • Open the files or folders you want to burn to your CD/DVD
  • Select those files and right-click on it
  • After that, go to Send to and choose your CD or DVD’s burner drive it can be DVD RW Drive (D:) or CD RW Drive (E:)
  • Here, a small window of Burn a Disc pops up
  • In the Disc title bar, type and enter any name for the disc
  • Choose the ‘With a CD/DVD player’ option
  • Hit the Next button

Note: you might have to copy the complete VIDEO_TS folder if you wish to burn VIDEO_TS to your CD or DVD burner drive.

Great! You have now successfully copied all the files and folders you selected to copy in your CD/DVD burner drive. A new window of your CD/DVD burner driver opens up. In case your drive doesn’t open in a new window, go to the File Explorer and tap on the drive option (to the left-sidebar).

  • When the whole copying file and folder process is complete, hit the Drive Tools icon
  • Finally, click on Finish burning

Your windows 10 has burned your CD or DVD and copied all the files and folders with its excellent in-built tool.

2. Use the Windows Media Player to burn a CD/DVD in Windows 10

Well! Another great tool you can use to burn video and audio files and photos to a CD or DVD. One of the best features of this media player is that you can even burn MP3, WAV and WMA files to your Audio CD to get your favorite music on the go which can play on any CD player including your car stereo.

Note: We suggest you use a CD-R instead of CD-RW as some CD players won’t support a rewritable CD perfectly.

  • Insert an empty CD or DVD in your CD burner drive of your system
  • Go to the Search bar and type wmp to open the Windows Media Player application

Use the Windows Media Player to burn a CD/DVD in Windows 10

  • Hit the Burn button (to the top right, between the Play and Sync icons
  • Once you click on the Burn option, you have to select one of these options mentioned below:

1. Data CD or DVD: You can use this option to burn any video files including MP4, AVI and MKV and also some audio files like MP3, WMA or even photos. The data disk can be played using any CD or DVD player that supports the format for your video, audio and image file.

2. Audio CD: This option burns your MP3, WMA or even WAV files to your CD and plays on any CD player.

  • Now, open File Explorer
  • Head to the location where all your files are, which you want to burn to a CD or DVD
  • Ensure that your File Explorer and Windows Media Player are placed next to each other
  • Drag all the videos, audio and pictures from the Windows Explorer window to the burn list in Windows Media Player
  • You can also choose to set your videos, songs, and pictures in the order you wish to frame
  • Further, tap the Start Burn icon (above the Burn list)

Done! Just remember that you cannot exceed the file size which is more than your CD size. Your usual CD capacity is 80 minutes or 700 MB, and your DVD is usually 4.3 GB.  Windows Media Player is also an excellent and easy tool for you to burn a CD in Windows 10.

 Some Additional Tips for You to Burn an MP3 CD:

  • Before you begin the burning process, create folders and copy your MP3 files in these folders to keep your MP3 CD organized.
  • Burn your favorite music to a CD-R and not a CD-RW to avoid any issues between a rewritable CD and your CD player.
  • Note that the built-in burning feature only works on a PC or CD/DVD player that supports the type of file you burn to your disc.
  • Check the size of your file by right-clicking on your file or folder and select Properties from the list. It helps in avoiding the exceed limit to burn your CD from the CD capacity.

Now, creating your own set of CD/DVDs has become so comfortable with the inbuilt burning tool in your Windows 10 and of course, Windows Media Player.

Let us know if you have an alternate trick to burn a CD or DVD in your system in the comments section below.

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