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As of October 2018, Bing is the third-largest web search engines in the world. The Microsoft-owned search engine service helps you find and view images, get directions with maps, buy and sell products, and watch videos.

Bing Video tops the best feature list of this search engine. It is a great tool to find and watch videos from a variety of web sources. Bing Video’s search results include YouTube, Amazon’s Prime Video, Vevo and many more apps and platforms.

Back in 2009, Bing Video was popular as Live Search Video, where you browse and select a video from the search results. You can play the video directly or go to the source web host by clicking on it

In many ways, Bing Video is a feature-rich web application and makes it quite easy for you to get the specific video you want to watch. So, let’s have a rundown on some interesting features Bing Video offers us.

Bing Video features

Bing Video is a unique package of features as it offers you to preview a GIF kind of small video even before you open it. You can quickly see the content without having to open the website of the video. Bing Video can be your favorite video partner, as you can instantly save the video by just tapping on the Save icon below the video.

Some of the main features of Bing Video are:

  • You can filter and search videos on the video duration basis
  • You can view the search results either in list view or grid view according to your choice
  • You can sort videos by date or relevance
  • A smart preview of the video appears by moving the cursor on the video thumbnail
  • One-click download option
  • Bing Video Search Engine also connects with more apps like Bing News.
  • Infinite Scroll – avoid loading the next page and see the results non-stop

The Bing Video search engine is of great use in many ways. Let’s check out the tricks and tips to use Bing Video online.

How to Browse Videos on Bing Video? (Or How to find videos on Bing)

You can easily find your favorite show or clip on Bing Video by merely entering the following URL in your web browser

You can also download the Bing Video app by Microsoft for your Android devices or get’s iOS version from iTunes.

Once the Bing Video search engine opens, you can type the relevant term like the title (what the video’s called), upload date and enter to search the results.

You might sometimes see many results on your Bing Video search results lists. Bing Video additionally offers you to see the latest and trending videos on its homepage.

However, most of the videos in the Bing Video search engine are hosted by YouTube. And, Bing Video also shows video results from other hosting websites such as Youku, and Vimeo.

The video continues to play in the Bing Video itself and also provides some related video results. You can surely open the original source of the video by clicking on the View page icon to open the page in a new tab.

There are some paid videos on Bing video as well which comes with a green color icon. Here, you can’t buy these paid videos Bing Video window itself.

YouTube vs. Bing Video

As we all know that YouTube is widely used amongst users for watching, sharing or even saving any videos. It has a wide range of collection of videos from your favorite movies to cooking tutorials. Although YouTube only displays you their internal videos whereas, Bing Video Search shows you the best results from all the video search engines available on the web.

Both, YouTube and Bing Video offer you the preview feature before opening the video. However, Bing Video attracts all the attention as it provides you with a sample of audio as well which is not available on YouTube. It makes it easier for you to identify the sound quality of the video.

Certain websites exclusively host some shows including Vimeo or even Amazon Video. You cannot find these sites on YouTube but surely on Bing Video.

Reasons to browse videos with Bing

As discussed above, Bing Video already holds some additional features compared to YouTube. However, there are some more reasons why you should count on browsing videos with Bing. Let’s check them out.

  • Bing Enhanced Predictions

You get some additional relevant results in the Bing search engine with its intelligent predictions feature. It is beneficial to search for any similar sports, entertainment or shows.

  • Quality Video Searches

It offers you quality video searches with a straightforward user interface. It maintains an excellent balance between showcasing you end number of search results and user-friendly programs.

  • Enhanced SERPs

We know that Bing Video’ search engine shows you the search results from multiple sources.

That’s not all. You can watch videos without leaving the page and create thumbnails of your favorite videos. There are many reasons why should use Bing Video as the default video search engine.

Remember this the next time you want to see your favorite show or a clip. Keep enjoying Bing Video’s amazing filters and multi-sourced results and share your experience in the comments below.

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