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Millions of online gamers around the world are using Discord. I have ditched Teamspeak and Ventrilo, and now Discord is my voice-chat freeware for playing online multiplayer games.

Adding bots to Discord server can bring more fun in playing multi-player video games. That’s why the gamer in you is searching for a way to add these pre-programmed and autonomous users on Discord server.

Before I show you the trick to add bots to Discord server, let’s learn what we can do with Discord bots while playing games online.

What is Discord Bot?

Gamers are familiar with bots and one can make a game more engaging by adding bots as real players. It’s pretty much the same for Discord bots.

Discord bots are best used to play music and fetch game stats on the VoIP app. When you add bots on Discord server, you can use them within the same Discord channel. You can also add bots to Discord channels for multiple games and users.

Bots on Discord do a lot more than play music. I have used Discord bots to enhance the server in many ways –

  • send memes to amuse another player
  • ban other members of the channel
  • award high ranks to members
  • set notifications
  • giveaway rewards while playing the game
  • send welcome messages

You can also play an airhorn within the channel. Although when I did it, all members on my Discord channel got annoyed.

How to Add Bots on Discord Server

There are many ways to use bots on Discord channels to improve the server and your overall gaming experience.

A little note to keep in mind: Some bots require both – client-login and browser-login to the Discord server. Generally, one needs only the admin access to the server and access to the ‘Manage Server’ feature to add bots on Discord channels.

So, here’s how you add bots on Discord –

  • Firstly, get admin permissions to access and configure your Discord server
  • Open a browser app on your Windows PC
  • Go to Discord’s website –
  • Login with your user profile’s username & password

How to Add Bots on Discord Server

  • On your Discord profile page, go to General Permissions
  • Make sure that the ‘Manage Server’ option is enabled

How to Add Bots on Discord Server

  • Now, click on ‘Invite Bot’ or ‘Add Bot to Server’

How to Add Bots on Discord Server

  • Select the server on Discord app

How to Add Bots on Discord Server

  • If a pop-window appears, click on ‘Confirm’ to authorize

The selected bot is automatically added to your Discord server. Now, open your Discord server page and go to the sidebar. You’d see the bot appear in the sidebar.

Alternate ‘Quick’ Way to Add Bot on Discord Server

There’s another way to add bots on Discord as quickly as possible. All you need to know is the bot’s Client ID. This trick works best when you want to add GitHub bots on Discord.

  1. Login to your Discord profile (as shown above)
  2. Paste the following URL –<Bot_Client_ID>&scope=bot&permissions=0
  3. Put the bot’s actual Client ID in the place of ‘Bot_Client_ID’ in the above URL
  4. Press the Enter key to continue

The Discord bot is automatically added to your server. You can authorize the Discord bot and prescribe its functions such as – get game stats, send memes and much more.

Pro Tips for Authorizing Your Discord Bots

It doesn’t end at adding a bot to your Discord server or Discord channel. You need special authorization to activate the bot. When you authorize a bot, you can prescribe its functions and use it accordingly on your Discord server.

Based on your game and the selected Discord bot, you can authorize the bot with the Oauth2 platform.

You can authorize Discord bots manually too –

  1. After you add a bot to Discord server, you get a message that reads “this app cannot read or send messages on your behalf
  2. Click on the small ‘Authorize’ tab underneath this message
  3. Select the bot

That’s it, you’ve authorized the bot and it would work as normal on your Discord server.

Now, while you are at it, won’t it be good to know some cool bots one can add on Discord to add more fun to gaming?

Top 5 Cool Bots to Use on Discord Channel

Discord – the popular chat platform – becomes more fun, lively and engaging when you add some cool bots to its channels. There are some really intuitive, highly customizable bots available for Discord users.

Let’s have a look at the top five coolest bots to use on Discord –

1. Tatsumaki

The best bot on Discord is unarguably – Tatsumaki. It is extremely capable of making online gamers play by your rules. You can set the functions of Tatsumaki and trick other members into your game plan.

With Tatsumaki, you’re always up-to-date while playing a game. You can instantly search something online with Tatsumaki’s web search feature.

The Tatsumaki bot can set notifications to keep on the best forefront while playing the game. It can also perform tons of moderation commands to improve your Discord server.

2. MeMezBot

It’s great fun to annoy or distract Discord members by sending memes during the game-play. MeMezBot is the most interesting bot for Discord app. I can create memes instantly and share it across my Discord channel.

The MeMezBot can also share memes created across your Discord community; even the poor quality memes. The bot can also spice up your chat on Discord.

While you send memes to someone with MeMezBot, the bot can also be used to tell a story about someone’s life. It can also share bizarre sounds in your Discord voice channel.

3. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Bot is a powerful Discord bot. It increases user activity on your Discord server. You can literally kick members out, rank them and even conduct polls on your Discord channel with GAwesome Bot.

Giveaways, create and share memes, reward members and many more abilities of GAwesome bot make it one of the coolest and awesome-est bot on Discord.

4. Dyno Bot

For most Discord users, Dyno Bot is preferably the first bot they add to Discord server. It is packed with features and can execute commands like no other Discord bot. Dyno Bot gives you complete control over its dynamics and functions.

When you add Dyno Bots on Discord, you can –

  • moderate your channel
  • ban or temporarily mute members
  • update with mentions
  • create mod logs

Dyno Bot is your best bet for automatic moderation of your Discord server. It is customizable to an extent where you can raid your entire Discord community to detect and remove spam conversations.

5. GameStats

Lastly, you need someone to send you statistics on the game-play. GameStats is a discord bot that provides exactly what it’s named after.

I can use GameStats bot to set up a fake user profile. Under a gaming alias, you can name the GameStats bot and set up an autonomous user that shares the stats of yours as well as others.

GameStats is a bit tricky to use. The bot has different commands that take time in getting used to. On the other hand, I can create profiles and add new game accounts quickly with this bot.

Simply type “.gs profile” to create a new profile and “.gs add uplay” to add new game account.

So this was all about how to add the bots to Discord server. Hope this guide has helped you. If you face any issues while adding the bots to Discord server, let us know in the comments below and we’ll come up with the best possible solution.

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