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It may sound unreal but you can actually watch movies online without twitching your pocket. Yes, you don’t always have to subscribe to those online streaming services to enjoy your favorite movies.

There are many websites where you can watch movies online for free including action, drama, love stories, thrillers, educational and even TV series. BUT, not all free movie sites are legal and safe for your computer. That’s why you need to be sure that the website offering free-to-watch movies online are trusted and they don’t break any law.

Relax! We’ve reviewed and shortlisted the best online movie websites that are free and completely legal and safe to access. You’ll just need to fill up a short form or sign-up on some of the websites.

Let’s start.


1. Crackle


Crackle is also known as Sony Crackle and has to be on the top of our best free online movies websites list. Crackle is also available on many streaming devices like Roku.

Once you register on this site, you can see a massive collection of movies and TV shows. Crackle offers you a world of entertainment for free of cost. Crackle is undoubtedly one of the best replacements for Netflix.

Some of the best features of Crackle are—

  • Is Entirely free of cost with some short video ads
  • Doesn’t have any premium version
  • Accessible on any modern devices

You should surely go for Crackle as it is also known as Sony’s free Netflix and has no price but surely worth the admission. You can visit Crackle here.

2. Kanopy


Kanopy is a more of an educational movie site which offers award-winning documentaries and films. It is on high demand free online website that has a considerable collection of informative movies.

It includes kids entertainment as well called Kanopy Kids. Kanopy is also available on Roku channel and to make it easier it available as an app on iOS and Android. Let’s know some main features of Kanopy—

  • It has more than 26,000 movies in their collection
  • Also has a separate section for kids entertainment
  • Offers a vast collection of movies for public libraries

Kanopy should undoubtedly be your go-to application or website for your kids to watch all the informative movies and shows. You can visit Kanopy here.

3. Vimeo


Vimeo is an excellent free movie website. You can not only watch movies for free, but you can also share and upload movies on Vimeo. It is known to be the oldest online video sharing website where you could watch movies in high definition. Vimeo is a great option when it comes to watching short movies.

  • Vimeo is available as an application for iOS and Android
  • You can back up your video and watch it in offline mode
  • There are no advertisements on your online shows

Vimeo also has a premium version which costs around $7/month for Vimeo membership and $20/month for Vimeo PRO which is worth the price. You can visit Vimeohere.

4. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is another free, yet ad-supported website that offers you a massive set of movies and shows. It has a unique collection of trashy comedy shows, Bollywood movies, and some National Geography shows. You can also see a variety of nature-based documentaries on Popcornflix.

  • It has an advanced search engine for better search results
  • Has thousands of movies with different categories including horrors and comedy
  • Is accessible on PC and mobile devices as well

Popcornflix doesn’t require any downloads, surveys or subscriptions. To visit Popcornflix click here.

5. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is the website for you if you are a huge fan of Torrent. This torrent page has completely legal torrents for free of cost and available for free downloads of copyrighted movies.

One of the best features of Torrent is that you can watch movies for free and even download them for free. Let’s know more features about Public Domain Torrents below-

  • The website interface is excellent and has a systematic arrangement for each category for your shows
  • They also provide additional entertainment programs like martial arts shows, war and comedy shows.
  • It is entirely legal to download shows and movies at free of cost

Public Domain Torrents is one of our favorite picks from the best free movie online website’s list for its excellent User Interface and services. You can visit Public Domain Torrents. You can visit Public Domain torrent here.

6. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a legit free online movie website with a classic collection of old movies like Charlie Chaplin. You can even download these movies for free of cost.

It also offers you to download movies in the torrent format as well. It has millions of free movies and shows and music sets. Let’s know some of the main features of Internet Archive below—

  • Outstanding web features
  • Provides historical collections in digital formats

Although the Internet Archive has some surfing complications, as you know the drill, you can enjoy classic movies on the go. You can visit the Internet Archive here.

7. Pub-D-Hub


Pub-D-Hub is another free movie website that offers films and shows in the public domain. Pub-D-Hub works much better on Roku streaming device as compared to the online websites.

It mainly focuses on classic shows, old time radio shows, classic movies, and such other commercials. Let’s get to know some of the main features of Pub-D-Hub below—

  • Pub-D-Hub bring the best of classic movies in your living room
  • Pub-D-Hub has excellent support with Roku

Pub-D-Hub also has a premium version which offers you a vast collection of cartoons, classic TV shows, and many such other features.  To download Pub-D-Hub click here.

8. YouTube


You all have to agree that you’ve enjoyed some unusual old or latest movies on YouTube. Recently YouTube has come up with YouTube Red and has made it difficult for us to watch full-length movies.

However, there are millions of full movies available on YouTube yet. You’ll have to make some efforts to fetch for your favorite movie.

  • You can share, view, promote or even upload movies on YouTube
  • Movies are available in High definition resolution
  • You can even download certain movies from YouTube for free of cost.

It might get a little tricky for you to search for full-length movies. However, once you have, there is no going back. To visit YouTube, click here.

9. Retrovision


Retrovision is also known as Retrovision Classic Movies. It has some beautiful set of classic movies and streaming TV shows. You can also download movies from Retrovision legally and watch them later in offline mode. Some of the best features of Retrovision are—

  • There are a lot of video play options for Retrovision movies
  • There are no advertisements while streaming Retrovision movies or shows
  • It also has a free movie application for Android devices

Although there are some complaints regarding the video quality of Retrovision movie videos, you can always download and watch buffer-free movies in offline mode.  Click here to visit Retrovision.

10. Yidio


Yidio is a universal movie streaming website. Apart from movies hosted by Yidio, you can even watch movies hosted by other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU and many such other programs.

However, you’ll need a subscription or pay per show charge for watch movies linked to other streaming sources. Features of Yidio are—

  • Yidio has a free mobile movie application
  • Have millions of movie shows linked to itself allowing you to find tons of content
  • You don’t need to create a Yidio account to watch movies

However, all the movies in Yidio are not free but is an excellent platform for putting up a massive collection of movies and shows in one place. To visit Yidio click here.

11. SnagFilms


SnagFilms is another ad-supported free movie streaming website that mainly offers you documentary films. It has over 5,000 films which are usually related to Geographical factors.

For example- shows like ‘Man VS Wild” from National Geographic. We have listed a few features of SnagFilms below—

  • SnagFilm also has a free application on Android and iOS devices
  • SnagFilm is famous for its versatile collection from independent films to comedy shows
  • It was also known as the best i-pad app and a movie maker magazine

SnagFilms has many restricted features to its video quality. However, it has some unique collection of movies in an attractive User Interface.  Click here to visit SnagFilms.

Classical and Documentaries Movie Websites

Now you know some of the best free movie streaming websites. However, you can also check out the websites we have mentioned below-

12. Free Movies Cinema

In Free Movies Cinema you can see a collection of all the classic hit movies.

13. Viewster

Viewster offers you a unique set of classic Korean movies. However, it has also had some classic musical shows.

14. Classic Cinema Online

Here you have a limited old movie collection, but all of the available classic movies are evergreen. You have many categories to choose from in its well-organized user interface.

15. Hoopla

Last but not least; Hoopla is a music and video streaming website. You can also download the Hoopla app on your Android, iOS or Kindle devices. It is also available on Chromecast and Apple TV.

Tip: If you are searching for any free movie websites, make sure that they don’t offer you the latest movies that have just released. Not only it is illegal but these pirated movies can also infect your computer.

Can’t find the movie you want to see? It’s time to head to the Reelgood website. It is a free movie search engine that will show you the location of your free movie’s website.

That’s all! Now you can watch the latest as well as old classic movies for free of cost using these free movies streaming websites.  Let us know which is your favorite website amongst the best free movie websites.


*** Note: This article is for information purpose only. We are not associated with the above-mentioned websites in any way. The websites are reviewed by our team of reviewers. ***

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