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Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices where you can watch your favorite TV shows, Movies under a paid subscription. It hosts paid streaming services like Netflix.

Hulu and HBO. In Roku, apps are called channels, and they work more as the TV channels do.  You’ll have to tune in to a specific channel to watch the program available on it.

Most of the Roku channels come under a paid subscription. However, there are plenty of free streaming channels which allow you to watch hundreds of latest and classic movies which are completely free.

In this post, we’ve listed some of the best free movie channels available on Roku. Let’s get started-


1. Picasso

Picasso is a popular site which has been loved amongst Roku users. Here you can watch movies, TV shows and also offers some other entertaining content like comedy shows, magic shows, horror movies and more.

It has an excellent user- interface where you can choose from several categories including documentaries, adult content, get scared, sports area, comedy and many more.

You should surely try out Picasso to watch movies, TV shows, and such other content for free on Roku.

2. Crackle




Crackle is an outstanding free streaming service by Sony. Some of the main features of Crackle are-

  • A massive collection of movies from Sony pictures which means you can see an excellent set of movies for free
  • Crackle offers the latest collection of movies which are hard to find for free
  • You can choose from new releases, titles, and name of actors
  • Sony keeps updating their program regularly to keep your app updated

Get some real Hollywood movies on Crackle as it’s one of the best sources to find free movies.

3. Crunchyroll




This one is for all the Anime lovers! You can get a fantastic collection of Anime movies on Crunchyroll. It is one of the vastest anime streaming services.

So Anime fan, rejoice! Download Crunchyroll and watch an entire library of free anime movies and shows through your Roku.

4. Pluto TV




Pluto TV has all the services and features one is expecting from a free streaming service. It is a world full of entertainment, and some of its primary services are-

  • It offers you live channels, on-demand content and a host of streaming movie channels
  • Has hundreds of Hollywood hits in the on-demand feature
  • Pluto TV has a cycle of newly released movies every month
  • Has a large number of titles and categories to choose from

Pluto TV feels like a homecoming with its cable-like services.

5. Tubi TV





Tubi TV offers a huge collection of movies with a library of over 7,400 movies and TV shows for free. However, this ad-supported service doesn’t offer original content.

It offers an incredible collection to surprise the Anime fans. You can get some unique content on Tubi TV. It includes award-winning movies and TV series

The only drawback in these channels is that there are frequent advertisements which can be annoying while watching its content.

6. Vudu



Vudu is known to be a favorite streaming rental store. However, the service has recently introduced ad-supported free programming.

It has incredible collection hosting some excellent movies like Batman, third kind, Close Encounters and many more.

In Vude, ad breaks are too less which won’t disturb you while watching your favorite movie or make any hassle. ‘

7. Vidmark




Vidmark is a world full of entertainment with some of the best sci-fi, best horror, and action and Bollywood movies.

It lives on today through this incredible streaming movie channel. The interface of this program is more like a 90s video store. It delivers ad-supported full-length movies in high definition resolution.

You should surely try Vidmark channel to watch some fantastic classic movies like The Dentist and class of 1999 for free and feel nostalgic.

8. The Roku Channel




Roku has introduced and entered the streaming game world itself. Roku is offering you some movies and other entertaining content for free to all its users.

It offers some famous movies like the Karate Kid, Wonder woman, and others. It is just like any of the Roku channels but functions better than any other streaming service.

You can explore some fantastic content on the Roku Channel itself.

9. Popcorn Flix




Popcorn Flix is another excellent channel with some surprisingly fantastic content. Here you watch some latest released movie along with popular movies like Stagecoach, Secretay, 300 and many other movie genres.

You can even explore from hundreds of movies and shows as there’s plenty of content in this app.

10. SnagFilms




SnagFilms is one of my favorite applications when it comes to streaming movies for free. Here’s why-

  • SnagFilms has a massive library with over 5000 movies
  • It is an open source app where filmmakers can even submit their short movies and documentaries as well
  • It has an excellent collection of classic movie which no other site offers
  • You need to see a few ads to watch SnagFilm content for free as it is an ad-based app

Some of the classic collections of SnagFilms include Charlie Chaplin, Abbott, John Wayne and many more.

11. FilmRise




FilmRise is a primary yet powerful movie streaming channel which is built on a foundation of indie films. It has a massive library of TV shows as well which includes content for children. It has a robust platform for movies like the 90s man, Iron Mask, and Child’s play.

You should surely try FilmRise to explore some unique movies. However, you’ll have to dig and fetch to find the hidden treasure.

Use the Kodi Player

Kodi app can be your best friend when it comes to streaming movies for free. All you need to do is install Kodi on your Roku device.

Kodi is an open source media where you can watch anything you want free. It also supports various third-party add-ons that can add some more entertainment for you with you having to spend a penny.

These third-party add-ons will allow you to stream favorite pictures, movies for free! Some of the popular add-ons on Kodi are-

  • Picasso
  • Exodus
  • Covenant
  • Flixnet

So get your popcorn ready and enjoy streaming from thousands of movies and TV shows on your Roku device.

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