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Terrarium TV is a popular app that provides users with a huge number of popular TV series and films. Although the founders claim that the app is legal, it seems doubtful because of various different reasons. For Android devices the app needs to be sideloaded, those unfamiliar with the term sideloading refers to the act of downloading an app from an external source (not the official app store).

Terrarium TV, because of its legal rights and copyright issues has been vanished from the internet several times. So, if you are looking for alternatives to Terrarium TV, here’s a list that might help you.

1. Showbox





When it comes to Terrarium TV and finding its best alternatives Showbox tops the chart. Showbox is one of the classic apps that has been running ever since we could imagine. The app can be downloaded in both ios and android phones (although it has its own issues). You can find the .apk file on google and download the app without any difficulty.

The app has a collection of the best films available in the high definition resolution. Once you click on the film, it takes you to the page where you can read a short synopsis, see the ratings, etc; before watching the film.

2. CyberFlix TV


CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix TV is one of the best alternatives to Terrarium TV. It has the same supply of TV series and films like Terrarium TV but the quality is relatively better. Cyber critics believe that CyberFlix is actually one of the first similar apps that worked better than Terrarium and slowly dethroned it from the position of the best online Movie and TV series streaming app. Although you have to go through the same difficulty to download this app, it is not available in any of the official app stores; but once you download the app you can enjoy your preferable TV series and movies from a great selection.

3. Stremio





Terrarium TV has set the benchmark high and it’s a little difficult to meet those expectations once you get used to it, but these websites and apps are equally useful and beneficial. Stremio is one of the similar apps which can be used as a great alternative to Terrarium TV. It can be downloaded in mobiles, PCs and Apple TV.

Stremio has a layout that, at first, projects a selection of the trending shows and films. Once you start using the app it customizes its home page according to your preferences and choices. As a viewer, you can have a great experience watching your favorite shows and movies, and finding similar ones without putting any effort.

4. Tea TV



Tea TV

Tea TV is yet another great alternative to Terrarium TV. The app can be installed in any android phone or windows to Mac laptops. The app is legal and absolutely safe. It only projects the shows and movies that are legal. The app is one of the very few online apps that take cyber ethics seriously, and because the app does not contain any illegal sites the quality is unsurpassable.

You can enjoy the films and shows at 1080p, 720p resolution. The high definition content is what sets the app apart from other similar apps. The app also has its ties with a number of streaming sites, eg. streamgo, openload, vidzi, etc.

5. MovieBox HD


MovieBox HD

Moviebox is a great substitute for terrarium TV. It allows you to watch shows and films from a great selection; the added benefit is the facility to download. Yes, if you cannot watch the film right away, you can download it and watch it later. The layout of Moviebox HD is like Terrarium Tv to a great extent.

6. PlayBox HD


PlayBox HD

Playbox HD can also be used as a substitute to Terrarium TV. The app has an overall viewer approach. It has several great features that help in enhancing the experience of watching films online. The app has chromecast compatibility, which allows you to cast the app in your TV. While casting the application in your TV you do not need to worry about children, the app comes with a safe setting called ‘kid mode’, which restricts adult content.

7. Popcorn Time


 Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time could be a great alternative to Terrarium Tv. It offers a colossal range of movies and TV shows from where you can choose. Popcorn Time as an app that can be downloaded to pretty much all kinds of systems. It comes with the categorization of films according to the genre, country, IMDB ratings, etc. The top middle bar on the home page also projects the list of the films in alphabetical order for your convenience.

The app uses a unique feature for the convenience of the viewers. When you opt for any film, it downloads certain parts of the films and saves it in the cliche segment of your phone, but once you turn off the app the cliches get selected automatically, allowing your phone/system a smooth and uninterrupted functioning.

8. TvZion




TvZion is yet another popular and neat alternative to terrarium TV. IT has a great collection, from which it offers the viewer’s 500 hrs of free viewing time. Once you finish your 500 hrs you need to install apps through your play store (which is definitely a promotional strategy).

The situation can be avoided altogether by uninstalling and reinstalling the app again. Once you uninstall the app, the entire data regarding the app is deleted from your system, when you reinstall it, you get 500 hrs free again.

9. Titanium TV


Titanium TV

Here’s another great alternative to Terrarium TV. A number of bloggers have claimed it to the clone of Terrarium TV, including the similar interface the names also sound similar. Titaniums TV has a great collection, it lets you take your pick from a huge collection of films and TV shows. What is even more impressive is that the app picks the best streaming links from the internet. You don’t need to pick your brains for the best streaming sites. This feature makes it a great alternative to Terrarium TV.

Titanium TV also has its ties with Real Debrid, which means that if you are already in possession of a Real Debrid account your experience will be much better. Titanium TV is extremely easy to install on firestick and it is remote-friendly too. The app is incredibly easy to learn and comprehend. Once you install the app it will take you only minutes to get a hold of it.

10. Kodi



Kodi is certainly the most popular among all the above mentioned, if you are not familiar with the app you must have heard the name at least once. Kodi has been the biggest competition for Terrarium TV for a long time, but now that Terrarium TV is gone there should be no doubt that Kodi is ready to take the platform.

There are a number of features in Kodi that sets it apart from the other video streaming apps. On the other hand, you do not need to worry about Kodi being shut down anytime soon, Kodi relies on many developers and if one shuts down it has a way of claiming its ground through other developers.

With the right amount of resources and knowledge, it should never be difficult to find the best alternatives for Terrarium TV. The list above is an attempt to compile the names of the best apps similar to Terrarium TV in one place. With the basics of their apps, the list also highlights its unique features.

We hope you have a great experience of watching your next movie at home.




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