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Pubfilm is a free online site which allows the viewers to access movies and TV series from across the genres. The site is well-managed and extremely easy to navigate through. The top central bar has a list of the categorization- movies, TV shows, TV episodes, genre, and release. Clicking on them will lead the viewer to further categorization. The categorization makes it easy for the viewers to choose according to their immediate preferences.

The site also offers a home button, from where the viewers can easily search for a movie or TV series. Although, pubfilm online is one of the most convenient sites you can go to, here is a list of ten similar sites which you can add to your list as an alternative to it.

1. 123Movies




123Movies is one of the popular free sites. It offers a wide range of films and TV series for the viewers to choose from. In the first glance, it might look a little complex to navigate through but once you get a hang of it, it’s a piece of cake. The site provides a good deal of categorization, ranging from different genres, and country to IMDB ratings. It also offers a search bar similar to pubfilmonline’s ‘home button’. The news flashes on the sidebar and the suggestion columns are the fringe benefits that we get.

2. Putlocker



Putlocker is another well-known site which can be used as an alternative to pubfilm. The site offers a multitude of movies and TV series. The films are in HD. This site also provides the viewers with an opportunity to choose from a wide range of servers to watch any particular movie. Usually, the sites provide multiple server options because servers function independently from the site. Hence, if you are looking for an uninterrupted, wholesome experience, Putlocker is the site to go to!

3. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a popular option, which can be used as a substitute to pubfilm. Unlike other free sites, Popcorn Times asks the users to download the app of Popcorn Time through its website. The app can be downloaded in all kinds of operating systems in mobile and laptops. Once downloaded, the viewers can have an effortless and easy experience of watching films. The app offers very few advertisements, which comes as the added benefit.

4. Vumoo




Vumoo is one of the basic sites. Althoughit’s not very popular among the viewer’s yet, you can always consider it an option when you run into trouble. Vumoo has a very simple layout with the usual categorizations. The site very interestingly has also categorized the films and TV series in the alphabetical order.For the convenience of the audience, the home page provides a number of suggestions the site provides the IMDB rating and year of the release of the films and series as primary description.It also requires the users to log in, in order to stream the videos.

5. Hotstar



Hotstar is a site made exclusively for the Indian audience to find their favorite films and TV soaps from India. The site is owned by Novi Digital Entertainments. The site roughly contains 50,000 Indian films which have been translated into 8 different major Indian languages. For a better experience, the site also provides English subtitles. Hotstar is one of the best alternatives to pubfilm. The site has a catchy layout and streams very fewer advertisements while the duration of watching a video. The site is however not free unlike the other sites mentioned in this list, but if you are a hardcore Indian soap or film fan the site is worth having access to.

6. Niter



 Niter is one of the lesser known sites. It only streams films.It has a good selection but lacks a little in the quantity. Although, the list of movies in this site is not very long, but you do get the highest quality performance from the limited selection that they accommodate.

7. Kanopy



 Kanopy is another less-known alternative to pubfilm. The site contains some of the unique films and documentaries that are difficult to find elsewhere. It is a website that can be accessed on demand, the site is pecially designed and devoted to learning and enriching the knowledge of cinema. It’s a great platform to showcase educational films and documentaries in public libraries and universities. The site offers a wide collection of award-winning films and documentaries. Kanopy also includes child educational videos.

8. MovieFlix



 MovieFlix (that’s right Netflix, you are not the only ‘flix’ in the business) is an app which can be downloaded in various devices. Movies and TV shows can be accessed through the app. The app can be used as an alternative to pubfilm. It is one of the less popular apps but as we already know popularity should not the only factor to determine whether it is usable. Hence, here are a few pieces about the app which might help you to decide where you want to watch your free movie this Sunday- The site has intricately planned layout. It provides the viewer with the plot synopsis, IMDB ratings, year of release, etc.

9. YahooView



YahooView is a service operated by Yahoo. It is in partnership with Hulu. The site works on the demand of the viewers. It accommodates the episodes from the television series which are broadcasted in ABC, NBC and Fox networks in the USA. It also contains a small scale selection of archived videos and documentaries. It was initially established as Yahoo Video as a site to distribute and host videos but later the decision was changed and the function which enabled viewers to upload videos was removed. The site has a limited range of selection but in the face of crisis, you can always rely on it to make your day entertaining.

10. MoviesFoundOnline



This site has a multi-purpose approach to its contents. It contains a large selection of videos ranging from films, television series and documentaries to independent videos. If you are bored of watching the conventional videos you can always go to MoviesFoundOnline to discover something new. It claims that all of their videos are hand-picked based on the various factors.The site also has a separate category for viral videos, and honestly what a better way to spend your weekends than to indulge yourself watching drama unfold in viral videos.

Pubfilm online is a great site, but we all run into problems like ‘what should we watch next or where should we watch the next movie’ when weekends are just right about the corner.

If the nearby theatre is fully booked or you are running out of cash you can always come back to these options and make use of them.

Anyway, what could be a better way to spend your day than to stream free online movies sitting at the most comfortable spot in your home. It does feel like royalty, doesn’t it?

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