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Fixed: MSVCR100.dll Not Found or Missing

While installing a program on Windows, you could face some issues. Common among them is the “msvcr100.dll file Not Found” error. If an error message pops up and says “msvcr100.dll file is missing,” you need to get it fixed pronto. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to install the affected program properly. Worse, your Windows may […]

Two Easy Ways to Reset Your PS4 controller

The PlayStation 4 controller is a DualShock 4 controller. These PS4 controllers are very well made having an excellent D-pad. You can use the DualShock 4 with USB cable, Sony USB Wireless Adapter, Bluetooth or Mayflash Magic-S Wireless Adapter and Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless Adapter. At times your PS4 controller won’t work well, and we know […]

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What is Roku? All You Need to Know About Roku Streaming Device

Roku offers you the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. This digital media player enables you to watch and stream video, music, and entertainment through the internet. A Roku device is simple to set up and provides more than 4,000 free and paid channels. One of the best features of Roku is that […]

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What is a DLL File? How do they work? How to Fix common DLL errors?

In Windows operating systems, programs need some guidelines to follow for executing tasks and actions. These guides are called as DLL files, and contain instructions for programs to follow. It’s not usual to come across DLL files while working on Windows or using a program on it. Only when you search for .dll files on […]

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Easy Ways to Retrieve Lost/Unsaved Document in MS Word

MS Word plays a significant role in our work life, especially for writers like us as we write hundreds of articles almost every day. We almost face a panic attack if we lose or close a word document without saving it. You tend to lose all your data which you spent hours to make. Don’t […]

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Tips on Storing and Maintaining your Gaming System

We all have a great collection of gaming systems which includes all the aspects and devices related to your gaming collection. Some of the best gaming systems are: Play Station 2, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, Xbox 360, Super NES Classic and some of the retro consoles are: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari 2600 and […]

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How to Check Windows Experience Index Score on your Windows 10 PC?

Windows Experience Index (WEI) was first introduced in the Vista and continued through Windows 7. For the users who don’t know, Windows Experience Index was an easy way to determine your PC functionality. It would display a benchmark score to measure the performance of your system back in those days. The primary function of the […]

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Facebook Login Issues: How to Reset Password for Successful Login?

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform with over one billion active users. You can connect, chat and communicate with people from all over the world using this social networking site. Being a widely used social networking site, Facebook is always on top of the list of hackers. Every day hackers attack the […]

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How to Fix Unresponsive Script Error on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer?

Web pages and browser add-ons take a certain time to load. But, when it takes too long to run them, your web browser faces the unresponsive script error. It is generally an error message that reads – Warning: Unresponsive script (A script on this page may have stopped responding). At some point of time, you […]

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What is Windows Registry? What is it Used for?

The registry, or Windows Registry, is one of the most critical system components on your Windows computer. It is a library or collection of databases that helps you configure and reconfigure settings on Windows operating systems. Well, that’s just the surface-level definition to Windows Registry. In real life purposes, the registry becomes an important tool […]