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How to Connect To a Wi-Fi Network?

You can see Wi-Fi in every house or work space as it replaces those heavy Internet data packages. It can support around 250 connected devices and of course, has affordable subscription charges. You can connect Wi-Fi on your Mac, Windows, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs and even your cameras. It can be a little puzzling to […]

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Adding a Printer on Mac (Automatic and Manual Process)

Whether you want to print forms for clients or keep track of some critical database, printers do the work for you. Well, adding a printer to your Mac device is not a tough job, as its inbuilt tools are quite efficient. You can easily configure the printers that are physically connected to your computer, or […]

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Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict: FULL FIX

Picture this: You’ve just connected your PC to the internet, and your Windows throws the warning error, which reads, “Windows has detected an IP address conflict.” After this, your access to the internet breaks off and you can’t go online despite having a secured network connection. What is the “Windows has detected an IP address […]

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How to Remove Malware, Pop-Ups & Ads from Chrome Browser?

You are one of the billion users of Google Chrome and use it every day for your personal or official purposes. Google Chrome has many linked applications including your Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook and many such other Google apps. Sometimes you may notice some issues with your Google Chrome and find it very annoying. In […]

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Easy Steps to Remove or Clear Cache from Popular Browsers

As you browse your web pages, cache stores a temporary memory of the recent web pages. It is beneficial as it quickly allows you to get back to a page without having to download it. Your browser may not work correctly sometimes, and one of the main reasons can be a full hard drive space […]

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Simple Ways to Clear Browser History

Web browsers record all the pages you have visited from recent to past sites in their web browsing history index. Most of the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari use your browsing history to reduce the data transfer rate and improve page speed when you visit the same website again. However, if you’re concerned about […]

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How to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently?

Instagram is one of the most famous networking sites to share photos and connect with everyone all around the world. You are one of the 800 million users who is addicted to Instagram. Well, surely you have taken a tough decision in the social networking world that you want to delete your Instagram account permanently. […]

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[Full Fix] Discord Mic Not Working (Windows 10 Guide)

There’s nothing more frustrating than a Discord mic which is not working, and you are unable to voice chat with your online gamer pals. Usually, the mic in Discord stops working in the desktop app. The microphone works just fine when you’re on the Discord web application. But, when you play online PC games using […]

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‘Some settings are managed by your organization’ Message in Windows 10

We all know that new upgrades bring a lot of updates with windows 10. However, upgrading to Windows 10 you might face an error stating some settings are managed by your organization, whenever they try to change the background on the lock screen of the computer. Upgrading the system software is necessary as there are […]

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Fix: ERR_CACHE_MISS Error in Google Chrome

When you fill up web forms or submit data online on Google Chrome, the browser takes time to load the next page. At the time, you shouldn’t refresh the page. That is when you would lose your submitted data and face an error called “ERR_CACHE_MISS” on Google Chrome. So, what is ERR_CACHE_MISS error on Chrome? […]