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Every computer needs antivirus software. It doesn’t matter if your computer or laptop is connected to the Internet or not, your personal data is still at the risk.

Computers (and the data stored on the computer) are attacked by viruses, malwares, adwares & what not, on a daily basis. And in this era of World Wide Web, compromising a computer data has become much easier for the cybercriminals.

Antivirus software, like Norton, provide complete protection to your computer and personal data. However, installing Norton on your computer might be a little tricky job, as many users have reported issues with the Norton setup recently.

In this guide, we have discussed some easy ways to download Norton antivirus from and install on your computer. Let’s start.


Why Norton?

Norton is a popular, most preferred and highly recommended anti-virus programs in the market today. It is known for giving a one-stop solution for security and protecting various devices all over the world.

If you really need to protect your laptops, desktops or mobile phones from harmful online threats, all you need to do is download Norton setup on the device and activate it.

If you are worried about how to avail the one from the various products, what are the prerequisites for Norton setup, how to activate, etc. do not worry, this guide will explain you everything step by step.

Norton Products for Home and Business Computers

The first Norton product was launched in 1991 by Symantec Corp. This was the beginning of the digital era. Norton has been providing security for the devices for two decades now.

Whether if you are using a Mac or a Windows PC or even a mobile device or a tablet with any operating system, Norton is the product for you.

Below are the various Norton products available for you to choose from.

Norton Antivirus Basic

  • Provides elementary protection.
  • Works on just one window PC.
  • Surf the web without worry as it has an anti-phishing tool.
  • It is light-weight, hence can run smoothly on PC with the basic requirement.

Norton Security Standard

  • Available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices, but works on only one device at a time.
  • Has a two-way firewall to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Affordable and comes with a full refund guarantee.
  • Scanning is smooth and fast resulting in identifying malicious files in no time.

Norton Security Deluxe

  • Provides protection up to 5 devices on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android at a time
  • Has highly active anti-phishing tools and network security.
  • Detects and removes malicious files and software rapidly and effectively.
  • Best deal for individuals needing protection on multiple devices.

Norton Security Premium

  • Incorporated with far more advanced technology when compared to Norton Security Deluxe.
  • Can protect up to 10 devices.
  • Suitable for all devices for a family.
  • Provides protection against identity theft and shady emails.
  • Comes with an inbuilt, online and an automated back-up system.

It is advisable that you identify your need and then decide to choose a product accordingly.

Where to Get Norton Anti-virus Product Key?

You have two options to buy Norton Antivirus product key. You can either buy it from a store or you can purchase it online.


Offline Purchase: There are many individuals who do not believe in the online payment system as they are afraid of online fraud. You can walk into your nearest retail store and purchase the product.

You will receive a box, which consists of an installation CD and a retail card. The product key is printed on the reverse side of the retail card. Make sure you purchase a sealed product box.

Use the CD to install the software and key in the product key to activate the program. While doing so, make sure that your PC is connected to the internet.

Online Purchase: Go to Chose from the various products as per your requirement. Pay for the product through the online payment system. The product download link and product key will be sent to your registered email address.

Follow the instructions in the email or read ahead for a step-by-step guide on how to download, install and activate Norton Antivirus.

What are the Prerequisites for Norton Setup?

Just like two bosses sitting in the same office, in the same way, if you have two antiviruses on your system, none may run properly.

You need to make sure that your operating system is updated, the system has the latest drivers updated, and your system meets the minimum requirement.

How to Set up Norton using Installation CD?

Once you have purchased the Norton Product from a retail store, follow the below steps to install the software and drivers to your PC.

Step 1: Insert the CD into the disc drive.

Step 2: The system will automatically run the CD and a Norton installation screen will open.

Step 3: Click on install.

Step 4: Read the Terms and Conditions and click on the checkbox which mentions “I Accept the License Agreement”.

Step 5: Select the destination folder where you want to install the software.

Step 6: Select the options to control parental control on the next screen.

Step 7: Click Next for the system to install the drivers. The system will ask for a Restart.

Step 8: Once the PC is on again, check whether the PC is connected to the internet again.

Step 9: Double click on the Norton icon on the desktop.

Step 10: On the next screen you need to key in your personal details to subscribe to Norton.

Step 11: Key in the license serial key on the next screen and hit Enter.

With this step, your activation will be successful.

How to Download Norton Setup?

As previously mentioned, make sure that you don’t have a conflicting program on your system. Once you have purchased the Norton product key, follow the below steps to download Norton antivirus

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: If you are a first time user, click on Sign up.

Step 3: Enter the details to create a new account.

How to download Norton setup?

Step 4: After logging in, go to the product.

Step 5: Click on Install.

Step 6: Select I Agree in the terms and conditions window and click on Next.

Step 7: The setup file will start downloading.

How to Install Norton Setup?

After downloading the setup file you need to install it on your system. Follow the steps to proceed with the installation process.

Step 1: Go to the location where the setup file is downloaded.

Step 2: Double click on the file. This will start the file extraction process.

Step 3: Click on I Agree in the terms and conditions prompt.

Step 4: Select the destination folder where you want to install the product.

Step 5: Click on Install to begin the installation process.

How to Activate Norton Antivirus?

You have the world’s one of the most powerful antivirus tool installed on your system. Now, all you need to do is use the Norton activation key and activate the antivirus.

Follow the steps to activate if purchased online:

Step 1: Open the Norton security suite.

Step 2: Go to your email inbox, check for the email you received from Norton.

Step 3: Copy the 25 characters Norton product key and paste in the space provided.

Step 4: Click on Activate

Follow the below steps to activate if purchased offline:

Step 1: Open the Norton security suite.

Step 2: Click on Activation

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to key in the activation key from the retail card.

Step 4: Click on Activate now.

Step 5: Complete the process by following the prompts.

Norton Setup Errors You May Face

You are now all authorized to use the best antivirus program on your PC. In the process, you might face certain errors. They are as follows

  • Problems while installing the product
  • Antivirus blocking certain applications
  • Antivirus not working properly
  • Unable to Uninstall the product
  • Speed related issues on PC
  • Registry related conflicts/issues
  • System compatibility issues
  • Program upgrade/update issues
  • Fixing Norton Autofix Error 8504, 8506, 5013, 5022, 3039, 3048, 3047
  • Activation of the product
  • Managing Norton antivirus

Do not panic if you are facing any of the above mentioned problems or any other issues apart from these. Norton Customer Support should always be your first point of contact.

Norton has a dedicated customer support team that works 24*7 and are ready to resolve any sort of issues. You can call the Norton toll-free number to reach out to Norton and get help with the setup.


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