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Web browsers record all the pages you have visited from recent to past sites in their web browsing history index. Most of the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari use your browsing history to reduce the data transfer rate and improve page speed when you visit the same website again.

However, if you’re concerned about your personal privacy, you would want to clear your browsing history. In this post, we’ll discuss how to clear your browser history in different web browsers.

So before we get to the methods, keep in mind that once you delete the browsing history, you can’t recover it. Also, if you are using multiple browsers in your system, you’ll have to clear history in the entire browser separately. Let’s get started.

How to Clear Browsing History in your Web browser?

There are different methods to delete browsing history in different web browsers. Pick the web browser you use from the list mentioned below and get started to free up your disk space.

1. Delete Web Browsing History in Chrome

Most of us use Google Chrome, whether it is on your Desktop or your smartphone. So you have to go through both the steps to delete Chrome browsing history on your smartphone or Desktop.

So, for Google Chrome on your macOS, Windows or Linux desktop, follow the steps mentioned below.

1)    Open Google Chrome

2)    Click the Menu button (three dots to the top-right corner)

3)    Hit the More tools option

4)    Now, select Clear browsing data


Delete Web Browsing History in Chrome


5)    Choose the data you want to delete from your browsing history from the drop-down list and check the correct boxes


Delete Web Browsing History in Chrome


For example: If you want to delete the entire browsing history in Chrome, select “the beginning of time” from the list and tick the ‘Browsing history’ icon.

Once it’s done, hit the Clear browsing data button.

Your Chrome browsing history is cleared on Desktop.

  • Clear Browsing History in Android/ iOS or Tablet

You can quickly clear chrome’s browsing history on your smartphone. Here’s how you do it for Android-

1)    Open Chrome browser

2)    Go to the Menu icon and tap on it

3)    Select History from the drop-down list


Clear Browsing History in Android/ iOS or Tablet


4)    Scroll down and select “Clear Browsing Data.”

5)    Check the suitable boxes according to your preferences

6)    Hit the Clear icon

Done! Chrome’s browsing history list is now clear and has no tracks of the pages you selected to delete. Let’s see how to do it on iPhone or iPad.

1)    Open Google Chrome browser in iPhone or iPad

2)    Tap on the Search bar or the URL bar

3)    Now, click View search history icon (to the bottom)

4)    On the top-right of the screen, hit the Clear All button

You are now going to delete all the browsing history from your iOS device which you can’t recover again. So make sure before you take the next step.

5)    Once you are sure, click on the “Clear On-Device History” option

Chrome in iOS doesn’t offer you to choose time periods to delete your Chrome browsing history like Android and clears all the browsing data by default.

2. Delete Browsing History in Safari

You can delete Safari’s browsing history on an iPhone or iPad by its Settings menu. Let’s see how-

1)    Go the Settings menu on your iPhone or iPad

2)    Scroll down and select Safari from the list

3)    Now, choose ClearHistory and WebsiteData

4)    Once again hit the Clear History and Data icon to confirm


Delete Browsing History in Safari


All the sensitive browsing is now deleted from the Safari browser on your iOS device.

3. Clear Opera’s Browsing History

For those who use Opera browser and want to clear their browsing history, follow the steps listed below.

1)    Open Opera browser

2)    Hit the Menu icon (to the upper-left corner)

3)    Select History from the drop-down list


Clear Opera’s Browsing History


4)    Now, click on Clear browsing data menu


Clear Opera’s Browsing History


5)    A list of Obliterate the following items from list appears.  Select the data you want to delete and choose the time period of which you want to clear

For example: If you wish to clear the entire browsing history from Opera, choose “the beginning of time” option and make sure that you have checked the box (next to it).

6)    Hit the Clear browsing data button

Finally, Opera’s browsing history data is cleared from the list according to your choices.

4. How to Delete Browsing History in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is available on both Windows and Mac desktops. So to delete Firefox’s browsing history, follow the steps given below-

1)    Open Mozilla Firefox and click on the Library button 


How to Delete Browsing History in Mozilla Firefox?


2)    Click on the History option and select Clear

For those who use Mac, press and hold Command + Shift + Delete keys together.

3)    A Clear All History window pops up, select the time range of the browsing data you want to clear and check the Browsing and Download history option

For example- Select Everything from the drop-down list of the Time range to clear to delete entire browsing data and hit the Clear Now button. You also get a choice to select and delete private data, cookies, browser cache, offline data, and such other aspects.

5. Clear Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is now a default web browser in your Windows systems replacing Internet Explorer. Deleting browser history from Edge is similar to all the above browsers. Let’s check out-

1)    Open Microsoft Edge and hit the Menu button (three dots on the upper-right corner)

2)    Scroll down and hit the Setting icon


Clear Browsing History in Microsoft Edge


3)    Now, under the Clearbrowsingdata option, tap on the Choose what to clear button


Clear Browsing History in Microsoft Edge


4)    Select all the browsing data you wish to clear and check their boxes


Clear Browsing History in Microsoft Edge


Make sure that the “Browsing history” box is checked and choose to clear any data including your cached data, cookies or download history and finally hit the Clear icon to complete the task.

You have successfully cleared all the unwanted browsing data from your Edge’s browsing history list.

6. Delete Browsing Data on Internet Explorer

To clear your Internet Explorers browsing history-

1)    Open Internet Explorer

2)    Go to the Menu icon

3)    Select Safety and choose Delete Browsing History


Go to the Menu icon 3)    Select Safety and choose DeleteBrowsingHistory


Alternatively, you can press and hold Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys.

4)    Make sure the History icon is ticked


Delete Browsing Data on Internet Explorer


5)    Hit the Delete button to save the changes

You can also delete other private browsing data like download history, temporary Internet files, and cookies. Well. After this process is done, Internet Explorer keeps cookies and temporary Internet files for the sites you’ve saved as favorites.

If you want to clear these browsing data, uncheck the “Preserve Favorites website data” box. It ensures that you have now cleared everything from your Internet Explorer’s browsing history.

That’s all! You can now quickly delete and clear all the browsing history data from your browser to free up your Disk space or to avoid sharing your web pages with others. Make sure that you don’t delete any critical web page as you might lose any critical data. So, first view your browsing history and then proceed to the action.

If you are browsing any sensitive web page and don’t want to save it to your browsing history, use the private browsing mode to avoid clearing it afterward.  Let us know if you have any queries regarding this post in the comments section below.

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