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Tired of the marketing emails in your Gmail inbox? If you’re seeing the unwanted emails in your inbox even after marking them as Spam, blocking the email in Gmail account would help.

Gmail is a widely used email application platform with more than one billion users worldwide. With such a huge popularity, Gmail has also become a great platform for spammers. I am sure you get several annoying spam emails including ads, promos or offers, which you don’t even sign-up for.

It makes a bit difficult for you to find a useful mail which you might ignore considering it as a spam mail.

According to the reports, 68.4% of received emails are promotional and useless. So how to get rid of these emails once and for all? In this post, we’ll guide you on how to block someone on Gmail.

How to Block an Email Address in Gmail?

You usually block specific senders with the unsubscribe tool to avoid reading unwanted emails, but some spammers decline the request and provide a way to other spammers too.

Fortunately, there are some tricks and methods to block a sender on Gmail. Method for blocking an email address on Gmail PC differs from a smartphone.

However, another good news is that you don’t have to sit and delete any unwanted emails as Gmail’s high-end technology straight away moves them to the trash folder. Let’s get started.

Blocking Sender on Gmail in PC

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • Now in the inbox list, open the sender’s email you want to block
  • Just beside the “Reply” icon, there is a More option with three vertical dots (to the right side). Hit the More button
  • After that, click on Block “sender” icon

How to Block an Email Address in Gmail?

  • Tap on the Block option

How to Block an Email Address in Gmail?

Done! You have successfully blocked the spam sender on your Gmail account. Hereafter all the emails from a spam sender move to spam folder automatically.

If you want to unblock an email address, enter in your web browser and ensure that you are signed in to your account. A new window of “Filters and Blocked Addresses” opens up with all the blocked email addresses in “The following email addresses are blocked” section.  The messages are addressed as Spam.  Beside the email address, hit the Unblock button and again click on Unblock to confirm and save the changes.

Block a Sender Using Gmail’s Filter

An easy and quick way to avoid unwanted promotional emails from a specific sender is by sending them to Trash directly.  Gmail can easily do it for you by sending the messages to Trash as you receive it.  You just have to set it up in Gmail’s settings. Here’s how.

  • In your Gmail search field, tap on the Show search options (triangle)
  • Enter the user’s email address, or you can even block an entire domain by just typing the domain name for example-  All the users from this domain are blocked and moved to the Trash folder
  • Once that is done, click on Create filter with this search

How to Block an Email Address in Gmail?

  • A small dialog box appears, in that Choose Delete it from the list

Block a Sender Using Gmail’s Filter

  • Hit on Create filter button

Now all the messages from the user or even the whole domain you entered go to the Trash folder. If you wish to delete the previous messages from the same user or users, check the “Also apply filter to X matching conversations” option from the previous dialog box.  You have successfully blocked a sender with a rule in Gmail.

Unblock a sender you have blocked using a Filter in Gmail

If you wish to stop certain users messages from being to spam directly and archive and label it, Select Skip the inbox (archive) option. Now Choose Apply the label icon and Click on Choose label. A drop-down menu of filters appears. Here you can even create a ‘New label’ if you want to.

Block Emails Using the Report Spam Feature in Gmail

Make sure that you have the latest version of Gmail to use this method smoothly and accept to save the changes.  Use the “Report Spam” feature and flag multiple emails to send them to the Spam folder directly at a time.

It becomes handy to deal with the repetitive unwanted senders.  If you want to unblock any of these senders, do it manually in the Spam folder.

We suggest you to avoid deleting any sender and to do so use the all-new feature of Gmail- Archives and Snooze functionalities

Block a Sender in Gmail on Smartphone

Blocking a sender on Gmail on your Smartphone is very much similar to the above process. However, there are a few differences, let’s check them out.

  • Open your Gmail app
  • Search for the email of the sender you want to block
  • Now, hit the More option (three vertical dots beside Reply)
  • Click on Block ”username” icon

Block a Sender in Gmail on Smartphone

Great! The emails and the sender are blocked from your Gmail account. To unblock the same user, Open the sender’s email and again Click on More (three vertical dots) and hit the Unblock “username” option

That’s all! Now you can efficiently manage your Gmail account and keep it safe from any unwanted emails and advertisements. Have any other issue with your Gmail account? Drop-Down your queries in the comments section below.

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