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Avast CPU Usage High: How to Fix?

Avast CPU Usage High is caused by incorrectly configured system settings or irregular entries in Windows registry. Some processes in Windows 10 are responsible for slowing down the OS by consuming huge amount of RAM and CPU power. The main process that gives this trouble is ntoskrnl.exe. This process consumes huge amount of RAM after […]

[SOLVED] Windows Resource Protection Could Not Start the Repair Service

If the Windows Resource Protection (WRP) is missing or corrupted, then System File Checker (SFC) can help to scan and repair corruptions in Windows system files using /scannow parameter. The command sfc /scannow will scan all the protected system files and replace the corrupted file with a cached copy. But if there is an error, […]

Fix – Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working or Won’t Open At All

5 solutions : How to fix windows 10 start menu not working? Many Windows 10 users who have recently upgraded their operating systems have reported that their Windows 10 start menu is not working. There are many reasons why your start menu has stopped working all of a sudden. If your Windows 10 start menu […]

How to Fix Windows Key Not Working in Windows 10

Windows key has multiple functionality and is used by both basic and advanced users. But sometimes users face the issue of Windows key not working in Windows 10. Some of the solutions to the above problem are mentioned below. Solution 1: Using PowerShell You can use the following steps to solve the issue of Windows […]

Remove CRC-SHA from Windows10 Context Menu

If you have installed the latest version of 7-Zip (File Compression Tool) on your Windows10 machine, you might have observed the entry named CRC-SHA into the context menu. By pointing to the arrow you will find the entries like: CRC-64 CRC-32 SHA-256 SHA-1 * This article will try to explain what CRC SHA is and […]

Windows 10 Multiple Editions : What You Need to Know

Windows 10 multiple edition are designed to deliver more personal computing experience across range of devices– PCs, tablets, phones. This makes it flexible for user to use any edition according to his convenience on any device of his choice without compromising security. Windows 10 multiple editions, fulfill the customer requirements ranging from standard PC user, […]