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Watermarking or inserting image behind text has been in practice for years. Today, you can follow some simple steps to add a background image to your documents. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Office, then you may already know how to watermark documents on Word.

But, have you tried to add background image in Google Docs?

Thanks to the cloud computing benefits, many of us are hooked on to Google Docs as their preferred word processor. Yet, very few have tried to insert image behind text in Google Docs.

Today, you’re going to learn why and how.

Why Insert Image Behind Text in Google Docs?

Let’s make things clear from the start – Google Docs is yet to come with a built-in watermarking feature. So, for the time Google doesn’t release such an update, you can consider adding a background image on Google Docs in a roundabout way.

Now, there are probably two main reasons why one should watermark or insert image behind text in Google Docs.

  • To improve the look of your document – make it more authentic
  • To protect your document – to stave off counterfeiting

Some folks also insert the background images to put trademarks on business documents. The image inserted behind text can also help scale the document size and find out the quality of the paper.

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You could come close to inserting background image when you wrap text in Google Docs. Even so, there’s a better and more effective way to add background images to Google Docs.

How to Add Background Image to Text in Google Docs?

Let’s learn it with a step-by-step guide below.

1. Use MS Word to Add Background Image in Google Docs

The best and easiest way to add background image in Google Docs is using the help of Microsoft Word (the online version). Follow the easy steps below.

  • Open your web browser (preferably Chrome)
  • Login to your Google Account
  • Open the Google Docs page
  • Here, go to the Main Menu and select ‘Docs’ option

Use MS Word to Add Background Image in Google Docs

  • Now, click on ‘Blank’ option and create a test document (put some text in it)

Once you’ve created a document on Google Docs, you open the Microsoft Office on your Windows computer. To speed things up, you can also open Office Online on your web browser

  • Create a blank document on Word online
  • Copy the text from Google Docs document and paste it here
  • Now, your document is ready on Word’s online version
  • Here, you’ll click on Main Menu and select ‘Insert
  • Then, you click on ‘Picture’ to open a drop-down option
  • Select the picture from your computer, OneDrive or online
  • The image uploads automatically
  • Now, right-click on the image and go to ‘Wrap Text’ option
  • A side menu throws up, where you click on ‘In Front of Text

You must be confused as to why you should choose – ‘In Front of Text’, instead of ‘Behind Text’. That’s because Google Docs doesn’t support the latter option. Just repeat the above two steps a couple of times and save the document on your PC in .docx format.

  • Reopen Google Docs on your browser
  • Create a blank file
  • Click on the File menu and choose ‘Open…
  • Select the saved document from your PC and click on ‘Upload
  • After the document gets upload, right-click on the image
  • Select ‘Image Options’ from the drop-down menu
  • Set the transparency of the image from the right-side panel

As you make the image more transparent, it appears to go behind the text. That’s how you watermark or add the background image on Google Docs.

2. Google Docs: Get Picture Behind Text with Google Slides

Your second option is using Google Slides. Here, you won’t add a background image to Google Docs, but the change the background design of your document.

  • Open Chrome and login to Google account
  • Go to Google Slides
  • Click on the ‘Blank’ button to open a fresh presentation

Google Docs: Get Picture Behind Text with Google Slides

  • Click on File menu>Page Setup

Google Docs: Get Picture Behind Text with Google Slides

  • Select the ‘Custom’ menu
  • Reset the size of your page – height: 11-inch, width: 8.5-inch
  • This way, your presentation page gets resized to a Google Docs document
  • Now, click on ‘Slide’ tab> Change Background
  • From the Background dialog box, click on ‘Choose’
  • Browse your PC and select the image you want to add
  • Click on ‘Open’ to upload the image, and then click on ‘Done
  • Now, add a text box on the page (click on Insert >Text Box)
  • Paste the text from your Google Docs document and save the presentation in .pdf

Now, you can choose to open the PDF document on Google Docs to view the final document.

Try out both ways with an existing document, containing some actual content. It may take time for you to copy a document text if it contains some complex media (graphics). Brace with the slow rendering process, and wait till your final document comes out as desired.

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